Adah Sharma Balancing Between Art and Health

Adah Sharma, a versatile and dedicated actress, has experienced a whirlwind year with four significant releases spanning both OTT platforms and theatrical projects. This phase marks a high point in her career, but the journey has not been without its challenges. In her quest to authentically embody diverse characters, Sharma faced considerable physical and mental hurdles, including a diagnosis of endometriosis due to stress. This article delves into her transformative journey, exploring the intersection of artistic dedication and health, and the lessons learned along the way.

The Demands of Physical Transformation

Adah Sharma’s recent projects required a range of physical transformations, each demanding a distinct body type and persona. For “The Kerala Story,” she needed to appear petite and lean, fitting the role of a college girl. In “Commando,” her character demanded a muscular physique. For the role of a bar dancer in “Sunflower,” she had to look voluptuous and sexy. Meanwhile, “Bastar” required her to gain weight and muscle mass to portray a character with a towering and commanding presence.

The Rigors of Gaining Weight for “Bastar”

One of the most demanding transformations was for the film “Bastar,” where Sharma had to gain significant weight and muscle mass. This transformation was not merely about adding pounds; it was about doing so in a manner that maintained her fitness for the physically demanding action sequences in the film.

“I ate around 10 to 12 bananas a day because they wanted me to gain weight, but at the same time not be unfit,” Sharma explained. The diet was supplemented with nuts, dry fruits, and flax seed laddoos. These foods were intended to provide the necessary calories and nutrients without compromising her overall fitness.

The physical demands extended beyond diet. Sharma had to handle real guns weighing eight kilos, running up and down rocky terrains and mountains. This intense physical exertion, combined with the erratic movements required for the war scenes, took a toll on her body, leading to severe back problems and ultimately a shift in her pelvis.

The Onset of Endometriosis

The physical strain and stress of these roles culminated in a diagnosis of endometriosis. This condition, characterized by the presence of endometrial tissue outside the uterus, often results in painful periods and chronic pelvic pain. For Sharma, the condition manifested as non-stop periods that lasted for 48 days, a debilitating experience that highlighted the severe impact of stress on her health.

“In real life, when you do weight training, you are very careful. You breathe mindfully, but on a shoot, you are making erratic movements,” Sharma recounted. The combination of physical strain, stress, and her deep immersion into her roles contributed to the onset of this condition.

The Struggle to Maintain Balance

Following the physically taxing role in “Bastar,” Sharma had to quickly shed the extra weight to play a bar dancer in “Sunflower.” This role required a svelte and sexy appearance, which demanded yet another rigorous physical transformation. With the guidance of her mother, who is also her trainer, Sharma undertook a regimen of yoga, dance, and mallakhamba. This approach helped her shed the extra kilos without resorting to high-impact cardio exercises, which her back could not handle.

Maintaining a vegan diet further supported her transformation, providing the necessary nutrients while adhering to her dietary preferences. The process was grueling, but it underscored the importance of holistic health and mind control.

Mind Control and Holistic Health

Throughout these transformations, Sharma learned the critical importance of mind control and holistic health. The physical stress and strain she endured had a profound impact on her mental well-being. “When you are stressed, your entire body shuts down; no nutrients get absorbed, your skin doesn’t shine, you lose hair,” Sharma noted.

To combat these effects, she emphasized the importance of sleep, mindfulness, and mental well-being. Keeping her phone away and ensuring adequate sleep were crucial steps in maintaining her health. By focusing on keeping her mind in a good place, Sharma found that she could overcome the physical challenges and achieve her goals.

Dedication to the Craft

Despite the physical and mental toll, Sharma views these experiences as integral to her growth as an actress. She embraces the physical transformations as part of her dedication to her craft. “As an actor, I always feel I should go that extra 1000 miles for playing any character,” Sharma stated. This dedication is evident in her willingness to undergo significant physical changes to bring authenticity to her roles.

Embracing the Physical Challenges

Sharma’s approach to her roles is marked by a willingness to fully immerse herself in the character, even if it means enduring physical hardships. The pride she takes in her flexibility as a gymnast, for instance, was challenged during the filming of “Bastar,” but she views these challenges as part of the journey.

“I’ve been a gymnast all my life and my back flexibility was always my pride,” she said. The physical toll from carrying heavy guns and making erratic movements during action scenes was a stark contrast to the controlled environment of a gym. However, Sharma embraced these challenges as part of her commitment to her roles.


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The Psychological Impact of Role Immersion

Sharma’s deep immersion into her roles also had psychological implications. She acknowledged the difficulty in separating her on-screen persona from her real life, leading to heightened stress and anxiety. This deep involvement sometimes blurred the lines between reality and fiction, intensifying the emotional and physical toll.

The experience of filming “Bastar” was particularly stressful, as Sharma found herself unable to detach from the role even after the cameras stopped rolling. This immersive approach, while contributing to her performance, also exacerbated her stress levels and contributed to her health issues.

Looking Forward: Future Projects and Aspirations

As Sharma prepares for her upcoming project, “The Game of Girgit,” she reflects on the lessons learned from her recent experiences. Her journey underscores the importance of balancing professional dedication with personal well-being. The physical and mental challenges she faced have not deterred her; instead, they have reinforced her commitment to her craft.

Sharma’s story is a testament to the resilience and dedication required to succeed in the competitive world of acting. Her ability to navigate the physical and psychological demands of her roles while maintaining a focus on holistic health serves as an inspiration to aspiring actors and professionals alike.

Conclusion: A Balancing Act Between Art and Health

Adah Sharma’s journey over the past year highlights the intricate balance between artistic dedication and personal health. Her transformative roles required significant physical changes, which took a toll on her body and mind. The onset of endometriosis due to stress underscores the critical importance of managing stress and maintaining holistic health.

Sharma’s dedication to her craft is evident in her willingness to undergo these transformations and her ability to overcome the associated challenges. Her experiences underscore the need for a balanced approach to professional and personal well-being. As she continues to navigate her career, Sharma’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and dedication required to succeed in the world of acting, and the importance of caring for one’s health amidst the demands of the profession.

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