All Saints Day 2022- History, {Quotes, Wishes} and more

All Saints Day is also known as All Hallows Day and every year celebrated on 1 November. Hallowmas or Feast of All Saints in the Christian church. 

It commemorates all saints of Christianity, both known and unknown who have reached heaven. in the Western churches on the Sunday following Pentecost. 

The feast in Roman Catholicism is usually a holy day of obligation.

It is not possible to trace the origins of All Saints Day. It has been observed at different times and on different days. Ephraem Syrus, a May 13th feast of all martyrs, died c. 373. 

This may have influenced Pope Boniface IV’s choice of May 13, when he dedicated the Pantheon to Rome in Honour of the Blessed Mother and all martyrs in 609. 

The first evidence of the November 1 celebration and the expansion of the festival to all saints and all martyrs was found during the reigns of Pope Gregory III (731-741). 

He dedicated a chapel at St. Pope Gregory III (731-741), which dedicated a chapel in St. Peter’s, Rome on November 1, was the first evidence of the date for All Saints’ Day. Alcuin kept 800 All Saints’ Day on November 1 and also published it in an English calendar from the 9th century on that date. 

It was ordered by Pope Gregory IV in 837. The festival was called All Hallows in England. Its eve is still known as Halloween. Allhallowtide is sometimes referred to as the period between October 31 and November 2 ( All Saints’ Day).

All Saints Say wishes and quotes:-

Let the joyousness of the world be shared and prayed for by all saints, known and unknown, up in heaven. We should always remember them with pride, love, and honor. Happy Saints’ Day.


Follow the example of the saints. It may not always be easy, but it will be well worth it. Warmest wishes for All Saints Day.


You may always feel stronger and more positive with the blessings God bestows on All Saints Day.


It is impossible to be half a saint. You must be all saints or none at all.


All Saints Day, I ask that you be protected and sheltered by His love. All Saints Day, Happy.


You can visit the cemetery to offer flowers, candles, and prayers to your loved ones. All Saints Day, Happy.


God can create from nothing. Wonderful you say. He makes saints from sinners, that is true.


Let us be like Saints and shine like the light of Jesus.


On this blessed day, may all of us remember the martyrs with love, respect, and keep them in our prayers. Happy All Saints Day.


I wish for you to live a life filled with the blessings and peace of the saints. Give and receive goodness.


Do not let your good qualities fade. Follow the example of the saints. All Saints Day wishes everyone a happy holiday.


We remember those who gave their lives for the faith as we celebrate All Saints Day. All Saints Day, Happy.


May the strong, spiritual connection between the living and those in heaven continue to strengthen each day. Happy All Saints Day! All saints may be blessed, Amen.


We wish for all the blessings of All Saints Day to bless your life and make it beautiful! All Saints’ Day blessings and God be with you!