Anti-Drone System Made in India

According to ANI, during the Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi on August 15, anti-drone systems have been deployed near the Red Fort to counter any unwanted drones. DRDO created this anti-drone system. According to DRDO officials, this system is able to detect and deactivate drones of any size within a 4 km radius.

This indigenous Drone technology has the ability to counter-attack enemy Drones through detection, smooth kill (jamming the Drone’s communication links), and heavy kill (laser-based hard kill to destroy the Drone). The system has already been shown to the Armed Forces and other internal secret services. In December 2021, defense minister Rajnath Singh handed over five DRDO-developed products to the Armed Forces and other security agencies.

An anti-Drone system, Modular Bridge, Smart Anti Airfield Weapon, Chaff Variants, and Light Weight Fire Fighting Suit were among the DRDO-made products delivered to the Armed Forces and Ministry of Home Affairs. The defence minister handed over to the CISC the counter-drone systems developed by DRDO for detection, deterrence, and destruction of incoming drones.

He also handed over the Modular Bridge to General M M Naravane, Chief of Army Staff. The R&DE (Engineers) modular bridge is a single span, mechanically launched assault bridge with military load class MLC-70 that can be launched in various spans.