Best Hollywood Horror Movies To Watch With Trailer

Many times we like to watch horror movies and mostly all know that the Hollywood industry always makes some soul vibrating movies. Many horror movies lover find the best horror movie in their free time but they are confused to find movies that are so horrible. That’s why we are coming here with the list of all-time best Hollywood horror movies. In this list, you can watch these movie trailers to find which movie is firstly best to watch. If you are weak then be aware to watch these movies alone.

Every year Hollywood releases some horror movies but not all movies are so horrible so our team tries to find the mind-blowing latest movies. Yeah, Normal horror movies are not on this list.

Saw (2004):-

The two nonnatives, freelance shooting Adam Stanheight and. Lawrence Gordon, awaken in an unsanitary bathroom, without any memory of the way they got there.

The two men discover a video of each other inside their pockets. Shortly after, harking back to them, they realize that they’ve been caught in the” game” played by the notorious Jigsaw Killer.

The idea of escape is initially a bit shaky However, but Adam and Lawrence soon realize that they might have a shot. But what is the cost? Are they the only ones?

The Witch:-

Banished from the blood of their righteous pilgrim community, the worried primogenitor, William, and his Puritan family set out a humble grange on the outskirts of thick and dark timber, in mid-seventeenth-century New England.

The family in turmoil tries to settle in their isolated grange, long the worst will happen when their child disappears in the air soon after, another terrible and unnoticed disaster will strike the God-stewing farmers.

Yet, is this abysmal circumstance an outcome of an entire family at risk of a brain breakdown or is William’s first child, Thomasin, the root of all the wrongs?

[REC] 2:-

To determine the state of affairs inside the building, a medical professional and a GEO team are escorted into the condemned and unlucky apartment building.

The Blair Witch Project:-

Heather Donahue, Michael Williams Michael Williams, Michael Williams, and Joshua Leonard, pupil filmmakers set out to make a talkie about a unique legend called Blair Witch. Blair Witch.

In the forests near Burkittsville, Maryland, numerous children disappeared during the 1940s. People are still cautious about going into the forest. The group is off to search for evidence to support the story using just two cameras and some equipment for hiking.

At first, they come across small gravestones that have been laid out in a way that was intuitive Then, they have to admit that they’ve been lost in the forest. Nighttime sounds that are eerie and additional monuments that are not gone before cause the previously unimaginative group to be afraid. One night, a few days after they’d be in their hometown, Josh disappears fully.

All that’s been recorded and mucked with the cameras can be seen in time and shows what happens in the forest.

The Shining:-

A family is sent to an isolated hotel for a night of relaxation. an unwelcome presence entices the father to act violently as his psychic son is able to see terrible omens from both the past and the present.

Infected by writer’s block, the writer and recovering alcoholic Jack Torrance, drags his wife, Wendy, and his blessed son, Danny, up snow-limited Colorado’s, tucked away Overlook Hotel after taking up an off-season job as a caretaker.

As the cavernous facility closes off for winter the director grants Jack a long stint and the cook of the establishment the old-fashioned Mrs. Hallorann, engages in an interesting conversation with Danny about a unique psychic gift known as “The Shining” The director is sure to tell him about the hostel’s abandoned rooms, particularly the room that is not allowed to be used. room 237.

Yet, instead of resolving the pathetic creative pattern gradually, Jack starts losing his thoughts, caught in an unending landscape of seemingly endless snowstorms and imposing silent captivity laced by bizarre circumstances and bizarre fantasies.

Now, the constant voices in Jack’s head call for burning. Do you think Jack is capable of killing?


Sinister is a 2012 supernatural horror movie written and directed by Scott Derrickson. The film features Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone, Fred Thompson Vincent D’Onofrio, and James Ransone.

The plot centers around true crime pen Ellison Oswalt (Hawke) who discovers Super 8 home pictures depicting horrific murders that are buried in the back of his new home puts his family in danger.

La Llorona:-

The Curse of La Llorona ( also called The Curse of the Weeping Woman in certain solicitations) is a year-long American thriller that is supernatural in nature. It was written and directed by Michael Chaves, in his point-of-management debut. It was composed by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis.

It’s the sixth investment on The Conjuring Universe ballot. The film is based on an ancient Latin American myth of La Llorona The film starring Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz as well as Patricia Velasquez follows a mama in 1973 Los Angeles who must save her children from a vile spirit that is trying to steal the children.

Paranormal Activity:-

After the move into a suburban residence, the couple is gradually troubled by a nightly spiritual presence.

The Ring:-

For the sake of amusement, two teens decide to take a look at disturbing videotape footage as one of them leaves the room to spend a short time.

If the other one is killed by her true friend, the scuttlebutt about how the videotape-vid is not a good thing is as strong as the video itself.


A psychedelic tale about the quiet jack Red who lives a peaceful life with his wife in their dream home in the woods.

However, when one of the leaders in a bizarre religious cult is drawn to Red’s wife He and his followers are apprehensive about the couple, and they leave Red in a state of insaneness.

The psychedelic is full of grindhouse when Red strengthened by a battle dismissal as well as any other medication he can locate is on an enraged spree, taking his revenge on the demons in some of the most horrific ways.

The Grudge:-

A home is cursed by a cursed ghost who slays those who visit it to the death of a brutal slaying.


in 1986, a young girl who was named Adelaide–“Addy” for short — watches a marketable item called Hands Across America. At night, in 1986, at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, she gets separated from her family and goes to the funhouse where she is greeted by an identical twin inside the glass-filled house.

A Quiet Place:-

In the post-apocalyptic universe, families are trapped in silence, while escaping from the ravaging creatures that are extremely sensitive to hail.

Drag Me to Hell:-

In a squat position, fighting to be a mercy seeker, the beautiful Romani woman named Mrs. Ganush, is soliciting the delicate and sweet loan agent, Christine for another extension to her home loan.

As a young clerk who needs to prove to past her older colleagues, and is capable of expressing her opinions in a tough way. Christine decides to make actually, the most difficult decision she’s ever made. She refuses to grant the unlucky customer an extension of their mortgage.

In the days following this sad event slowly, the uninformed Christine will be able to see that what was thought to be the concave of a mad woman’s problem actually an explosive and sulfurous curse; a devastating atonement that involves an oppressive womanish demon from hell’s recesses, and her intolerant demands.

In less than three days Christine will remain her forever. Does she have the courage to say what she wants when her fierce friend drags her to hell?


A couple goes through Eastern Europe to visit an idyllic birthplace’s legendary Swedishmidsummer jubilee. What starts out as a peaceful getaway quickly turns into an increasingly violent and wild contest at the hands of an idolater of the cult.