Chhath Puja 2022 Date, Shubh Muhurata, Puja Rituals, History, Significance

This celebration takes place on the sixth day of the Kartik month. A dinner and a bath precede the festival. Women maintain the 36-hour Nirjala fast during this time and worship Chhath Mayya and Surya.

This event is primarily celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand in India. Children’s health, happiness, and longevity are all celebrated at Chhath Puja. The scriptures claim that Chhathi Maiya and Lord Surya were related. The celebration of Chhath Puja 2022 begins on October 28.


The day of Chhath Puja is connected to many different legends. One of them was Draupadi and the Hastinapur Pandavas. They used to celebrate this festival to find solutions to their issues and retake their Kingdom from the adversaries.

Another tale claims that Karna, the son of Lord Surya and Kunti, performed this Puja initially. During the Mahabharata era, he conquered and controlled the Anga Desh, which is modern-day Bhagalpur in Bihar.

Another mythology claims that Chhath Puja has been practised ever since the early Vedic era. The sages, who exposed themselves to direct sunlight to acquire vigour and who did not consume any vegetables, were supposed to do the puja.

The story of Lord Krishna telling Uttara to keep this fast and worship it is another tale that is added to this puja. The Mahabharata War resulted in the death of the infant that was conceived in Uttara, Abhimanyu’s wife. The reason Chhath Puja is performed for the benefit of children is because Lord Krishna instructed her to keep the Shashti fast (Chhath Puja) in order to rescue her child at that point.


Chhath Puja will begin tomorrow, Friday, October 28. It is Kharna on October 29. The offering of Arghya to the setting sun will take place on October 30. The following morning, on October 31, Chhath Puja will come to a close with the offering of Arghya to the rising sun.

The event will officially commence on October 28th, Nahay-Khay Day. The Chhath festival honours both the sixth mother and the sun. One such Hindu event that excludes idol worship is this one. A six-month fast is conducted during this puja. This fast is regarded as one of the most difficult ones.

What to eat

Women observe a fast and do worship on the first day of this holiday after having a wash and donning new attire. After that, they eat prasad, which consists of rice, pumpkin vegetables, and gramme dal. Only when the fasting women have finished their prasad do the other family members start eating.

The second day of Chhath puja

On the second day of Chhath Puja, Kharna is celebrated. Women prepare a jaggery pudding on a wood burner and serve it as prasad on this day. Following this, ladies undertake a 36-hour Nirjala fast. The sixth Maya is said to appear following Kharna Puja.

On the third day of Chhath puja

Women keep a fast on the third day of Chhath Puja and do Chhath Puja during the day. Women visit the river or pond’s banks in the evening to participate in family worship while dressed in fresh clothes. As the sun is setting, they stand in a river or pond and offer Arghya. Women return to their houses once the sun has fallen.

End of Chhath puja

Women get up early on the final day of Chhath Puja to perform puja on the bank of a river or pond. At dawn, women offer Arghya. The fasting women circle their location seven or eleven times after the Arghya. Women then break their fast by sharing prasad with one another. Chhath Puja is completed once this entire procedure is complete.

Cleaning of the Ganga Ghats 

The Urban Development and Housing Department has begun making plans for Chhath Mahaparv as Durga Puja has come to an end. A week before Chhath, some 1400 river ghats and 3,000 ponds will be constructed.

The agency has ordered all municipal entities to get Ganga Ghat ready by Diwali in anticipation of the big celebration, which will take place in the second week of November itself. Additionally, the neighbourhood ponds and puddles will receive a thorough cleaning.