Happy Children’s Day 2022- History, Significance, Celebration, Quotes { Latest }

Children’s Day is celebrated across India to raise awareness of children’s rights, care, and education. Every year on November 14th, it commemorates the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. In India, this day is also known as ‘Bal Diwas.’

Nehru was known as Chacha Nehru among youngsters, and he battled for children’s rights to all-round education in order to build a better society in the future. Nehru saw children as the future of a country and the foundation of society. Throughout India on this day, numerous motivational and educational projects for children are held.


It is widely assumed that Nehru was known as “Chacha Nehru” among children because he believed that children were India’s greatest power. The previous Prime Minister was dubbed “chacha” because of his friendship with Gandhi, whom everyone referred to as “Bapu.” As a young sibling of the nation’s father, everyone eventually referred to him as ‘chacha.’

Under Gandhi’s instruction, Nehru became the leader of India’s struggle for independence in 1947. He established the framework for a sovereign, communist, mainstream, and majority-rule republic in free India. For this, Nehru is known as the “engineer of modern India.”

Following Jawaharlal Nehru’s death in 1964, a resolution was approved in parliament to honour him, announcing his introduction to the international celebration as the official date of Children’s Day. Children’s Day was first marked in India on November 20, 1956, with the United Nations recognising the day as Universal Children’s Day in 1954. Following that, November 14 is Children’s Day in India, commemorating the birth of the country’s first Prime Minister.


On November 14, 1889, Jawaharlal Nehru was born to Kashmiri Brahmans. In the 18th century, his family moved to Delhi.

He was the son of Motilal Nehru, a notable legal counsel and head of Indian freedom growth who became a partner of Mahatma Gandhi. Jawaharlal was the eldest of four children, two of them were girls. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, a sister, later became the first lady leader of the United Nations General Assembly.


Apart from commemorating Jawahar Lal Nehru’s birth date, Children’s Day also focuses on children’s education, welfare, and rights. “These youngsters of today are the future of tomorrow,” Chacha Nehru once stated. The way we raise kids will shape the India of tomorrow.”

The Prime Minister emphasised unequivocally that the contemporary India of the future could only be realised if the society’s children were properly raised. He realised that only with them could India gain independence. This day serves as a reminder of his desire for a better future, which we can help to build by raising our children.


This is one of the most anticipated days for kids. Despite the fact that it is not a national holiday, every school organises a special programme for the students. This day is noteworthy in a student’s life, with dance programmes and numerous competitions.

Some schools plan day picnics and send their pupils on exciting field trips! To commemorate the occasion, the students are showered with small gifts and given sweets. In some schools, students are forced to eat a delicious meal and are given snacks of their choice!


Sometimes, it’s better to bunk a class and enjoy yourself with friends,

because now, when I look back,

marks never make me laugh, but memories do.

Happy Children’s Day


What is life without children?

Like a world without the sun, stars and moon

Blessed are the ones who have children

Shower all your love on them

Happy Children’s Day.


Every child is special and unique. Let’s make their childhood memorable by ensuring them a better life. Happy Children’s Day.


Children spread joy and happiness in every season,

As they are the most beautiful creations of God

They spread the fragrance of love wherever they go

Happy Children’s Day.


Happy Children Day! May you grow up to be a better human being than us. Best wishes to you on this day.


Childhood means endless fun, sharing love,

being mischievous and joy of growing.

Wishing you a cheerful future!

Happy Children’s Day


Children are sensitive and innocent,

They are the little angels of God,

And the future of mankind.

Wishing you the very best on this Children’s Day.


Children carry the hopes for our brighter tomorrow and the dreams of our happy future. Wishing a very enjoyable day for children all over the world.


Childhood means

Fun unlimited,

Bounteous shower of love and care,

Realm of imagination,

The joy of growing up.

Happy Children’s Day!


May the innocence in their smiles and the purity of their hearts stay forever unfaded. Wishing a joyful children’s day to every kid in the world.


Children are the future

Nurture them right, so that they grow up to be able leaders.

And lead the world towards light.

Happy Children’s Day.


Keep the child alive always!

To the child within you.

Happy Children’s Day


Time for some splashing fun Cheers n Jolly time for everyone coz it’s Children’s Day.


It’s an occasion to cherish the buoyant

free spirit of childhood and rekindle the child within.

Have a Cherishable Children’s Day.


Dear children!

A smile of yours can show heaven on earth.

A twinkle of your eyes can still us for ages.

Happy children’s day.

God Bless.