Cow Smuggling Case: CBI ARRESTS ‘BAHUBALI’ Leader Anubrata Mandal

The CBI has arrested  Mamta Banerjee ‘Bahubali’ Leader Anubrata Mandal in connection with a cow smuggling case. On Thursday, around 10 a.m., the CBI raided his home. The central forces surrounded Anubrata’s house in Bolpur, Neechupatti. All of Anubrata’s doors were sealed from the outside. CBI took everyone’s phone in the house. Anubrata was then apprehended by the investigators. According to CBI sources, he was arrested for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

Anubrata only appeared once in ten summons issued by the CBI. He avoided the summons again on Wednesday. The CBI then showed up at Birbhum Trinamool Congress district president Anubrata Mandal’s house in Bolpur on Thursday morning.

The CBI went to his house this morning around 10 a.m. and searched for a while. At the time, the house was surrounded by CRPF jawans. The CBI officials later left the house with Anubrata Mandal. Saigal Hossain, the bodyguard, was named in the supplementary charge sheet in the cow smuggling case. Anubrata Mandal’s name was also mentioned.

CBI agents entered Anubrata’s home today and locked the doors from the outside. There was a CBI Convoy of 10-12 vehicles. Central forces escorted the Trinamool district president’s security guards away. After a medical examination, he may be taken to Asansol court today.

According to SBI Raid On Cow Smuggling Case

On Wednesday night, CBI agents raided Bolpur. They were staying the night at Visva Bharati’s Ratankuthi Guest House. In the morning, the CBI held a closed-door meeting at the guest house. The Central Investigation Agency then entered the house of Neechupatti of Anubrata Mandal on Thursday around 10:15 a.m.

The Trinamool president’s house in Birbhum district is surrounded by CRPF. Anubrata spent about an hour and a half in the second-floor room speaking with two CBI officers. According to sources, the officials also gathered a number of important documents from his home. Anubrata was then apprehended. However, the CBI has not yet released any information about the arrest. According to reports, the arrest memo was also not signed.

According to CBI sources, Anubrata Mandal was previously summoned as a witness in the cow smuggling case under Section 160 of the CrPC. On this day, however, the Birbhum ‘BAHUBALI’ Trinamool leader was arrested as an accused under section 41 (A) of the CrPC. He will be taken to Asansol court on Thursday, according to sources. However, before appearing in Asansol court, a medical examination will be conducted. In that case, it is still unclear where his medical examination will take place.