Dahi Handi Date, Significance How to Celebrate

Dahi Handi is a well-known festival held in the cities of Maharashtra and Goa. Dahi Handi is observed on the day after Krishna Janmashtami. Gokulashtami is another name for Krishna Janmashtami. Handi (earthen pots) are used to store milk products such as curd, butter, milk, and so on.

The Dahi Handi festival represents the lifestyle of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was a big fan of curd and butter when he was a kid. Growing up, Krishna liked the taste of curd and butter, and he became famous for stealing it.

How to Celebrate Dahi Handi

Several competitions are held in various parts of the country these days, with various troops participating. Handi is now kept on several floors above ground or on any street.

Women also play the role of female cowherds from Lord Krishna’s story, preventing the troops from constructing a human pyramid by throwing water or colors. Dahi Handi has become a highly competitive sport in Mumbai.

Every year, several teams compete in the event, and the winners receive a variety of prizes. Pandals also consider inviting famous celebrities to promote the event. In recent years, the cash prize has surpassed one crore or ten million Indian rupees. And the entire platoon chants “Govinda Aala Re.”

Significance Of Dahi Handi

Krishna used to steal butter and curd from his neighbors, so the women began hanging the pots from the roof so that little Krishna couldn’t steal them. The plan was to use little Krishna and His friends’ to keep Dahi Handis out of reach of small hands.

Even the ladies’ ideas did not work out, so Krishna came up with the idea of creating a human pyramid. Young Krishna used to build a human pyramid with the help of his troops and use it as a stair to climb up and reach the Handi. It has since evolved into part of Indian traditions. Every Janmashtami, young boys in troops start celebrating Dahi Handi.

Dahi Handi 2022 Date

Dahi Handi is celebrated on the day after Krishna Janmashtami. This year on 18 August 2022 we all celebrate the Krishna Janmashtami, so Dahi Handi will be observed on August 19th.

This year, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Singh has declared a Dahi Handi state holiday.