“Gaanth” – A Gripping Crime Drama Set to Premiere on JioCinema

The highly anticipated crime drama “Gaanth,” starring Manav Vij, Monika Panwar, and Saloni Batra, is set to premiere on JioCinema on June 11. Directed by Kanishk Verma, this series promises to present audiences with an unsolvable and bone-chilling case that blurs the lines between reality and perception. With a storyline that delves deep into the eerie and grim streets of East Delhi, “Gaanth” is poised to captivate viewers with its complex characters and gripping plot.

The Premise of “Gaanth”

“Gaanth” revolves around a peculiar and unsettling case of mass suicide that draws significant media and police attention. The plot thickens as a disgraced 40-year-old Police Inspector, Gadar Singh, takes charge of the investigation. Determined to uncover the truth behind the grisly scene of seven bodies hanging from seven ropes in a cramped, hazy corner of a house, Singh’s quest for justice becomes increasingly intense. The addition of a psychiatric intern, Sakshi Murmu, who possesses a unique gift for perceiving patterns invisible to the human eye, adds a new dimension to the investigation. Together, Singh and Murmu form an unlikely partnership to unravel the mystery of this baffling crime.

Manav Vij as Gadar Singh

Manav Vij, known for his roles in critically acclaimed films such as “Udta Punjab,” “Phillauri,” “Naam Shabana,” and “Andhadhun,” plays the lead role of Police Inspector Gadar Singh. Vij’s portrayal of Singh is expected to bring depth and complexity to the character, as he navigates his inner demons while pursuing the ultimate truth. The actor has expressed his enthusiasm for psychological thrillers, noting that such roles challenge him to think deeply and transform into an investigator, unraveling the mystery in his mind.

Vij’s preparation for the role of Gadar Singh was intense, requiring him to embody the character’s struggles and nuances fully. He described the process of detaching from the character after filming as challenging but ultimately rewarding. This dedication to his craft is expected to shine through in his performance, making Gadar Singh a compelling and multi-layered character.

The Supporting Cast

Monika Panwar and Saloni Batra, who play significant roles in “Gaanth,” add to the series’ rich tapestry of characters. Panwar, who gained popularity for her performance in the critically acclaimed series “Jamtara,” brings her unique talent to the show. Saloni Batra, known for her roles in films like “Soni,” adds further depth to the ensemble cast. Their characters are integral to the unfolding mystery and contribute to the show’s intricate narrative.

Sakshi Murmu: The Unlikely Partner

A standout element of “Gaanth” is the character of Sakshi Murmu, a psychiatric intern with a unique ability to perceive patterns invisible to the human eye. This gift makes her an invaluable asset to the investigation. Her partnership with Gadar Singh forms the crux of the series, as the duo navigates the murky waters of the case. The dynamic between Singh and Murmu promises to be intriguing, combining the seasoned inspector’s experience with the intern’s unconventional insights.

The Setting: East Delhi’s Eerie Streets

The setting of “Gaanth” plays a crucial role in establishing the show’s dark and suspenseful atmosphere. East Delhi, with its narrow lanes, densely packed neighborhoods, and a mix of old and new structures, provides a perfect backdrop for a crime drama. The show’s creators have meticulously crafted the setting to reflect the grim reality and chilling mood required to enhance the narrative. The choice of East Delhi adds an element of authenticity and relatability, grounding the series in a recognizable yet unsettling environment.

Thematic Depth and Psychological Intrigue

“Gaanth” is more than just a crime thriller; it delves into psychological depths, exploring themes of perception, reality, and the human psyche. The series promises to challenge viewers’ understanding of truth and illusion, as the characters navigate their internal and external conflicts. Gadar Singh’s personal demons and Sakshi Murmu’s unique perception abilities bring a psychological complexity to the story, making it a thought-provoking watch.

The Creative Team Behind “Gaanth”

The series is directed by Kanishk Verma, a filmmaker known for his ability to create intense and atmospheric narratives. “Gaanth” is produced by Tipping Point, with Ajit Andhare serving as the producer and Soham Bhattacharya as the creator. The collaborative effort of this talented team is expected to result in a high-quality production that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Manav Vij’s Perspective on “Gaanth”

In a recent statement, Manav Vij shared his excitement about being part of “Gaanth.” He emphasized his affinity for psychological thrillers and the depth they bring to storytelling. “They make you think deeply, transforming you into an investigator as you unravel the mystery in your mind,” Vij said. He highlighted the intricate nuances of his character, Gadar Singh, who is profoundly layered and struggles with inner demons while pursuing the ultimate truth behind the eerie crime. This complexity, Vij noted, made the role challenging yet immensely rewarding.

The Role of Psychological Thrillers in Contemporary Media

Psychological thrillers have always held a special place in the realm of storytelling, offering a blend of suspense, mystery, and deep character exploration. “Gaanth” taps into this genre, promising to deliver a narrative that not only entertains but also engages the intellect of its audience. The success of such shows often lies in their ability to keep viewers guessing and provide insights into the human mind, both of which “Gaanth” aims to achieve.

The Unsolvable Mystery

At the heart of “Gaanth” lies an unsolvable mystery that blurs the lines between reality and perception. The case of mass suicide that Inspector Gadar Singh investigates is more than just a crime scene; it is a puzzle that challenges conventional investigative methods. The introduction of Sakshi Murmu’s character, with her unique gift, adds a supernatural or psychological twist to the narrative, making the series intriguing and unpredictable.

Anticipation and Expectations

With its premiere set for June 11, “Gaanth” has generated significant anticipation among viewers. The combination of a gripping plot, complex characters, and a talented cast has set high expectations for the series. JioCinema’s decision to stream “Gaanth” aligns with the platform’s strategy to offer diverse and high-quality content to its subscribers.

The Evolution of Crime Dramas in Indian Streaming Platforms

The Indian streaming landscape has seen a surge in high-quality crime dramas in recent years. Shows like “Sacred Games,” “Delhi Crime,” and “Paatal Lok” have set new benchmarks for storytelling and production values. “Gaanth” aims to join this elite list by offering a fresh and compelling narrative that stands out in the crowded genre. The series’ focus on psychological elements and its unique setting in East Delhi add to its distinct appeal.


“Gaanth” is poised to be a standout crime drama that combines the elements of psychological thriller and intense mystery. With a compelling storyline, richly developed characters, and a talented cast led by Manav Vij, the series promises to engage and captivate viewers. The meticulous effort put into its creation by director Kanishk Verma and the production team at Tipping Point underscores its potential to be a hit. As “Gaanth” streams on JioCinema from June 11, audiences can look forward to a thrilling and thought-provoking viewing experience.

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