Global Wind Day 2022- History, Aim and Quotes { Latest }

Global Wind Day every year is celebrated on 15 June. On this day we celebrate wind energy and the purpose of this day is to educate others and find the Future possibilities of wind energy. 

On this day many countries organize events like turbine setup and wind workshops also promote the campaigns. Wind energy is fully green energy and not harmful to nature. These day’s whole world is focusing on green energy.

National wind energy associations and companies involved with wind energy production organize events worldwide in association with EWEA, GWEC, and other organizations. 2011 saw events in 30 countries on four continents. There were events that included tours to offshore and onshore wind farms, information campaigns, and demonstration turbines in cities.

Wind workshops and a wind parade were also part of the program. Global Wind Day (15 June) was a popular day, but many events took place on days and weeks preceding and after. There were 250 events across the globe in 2012, and there was a popular photo contest.

Global Wind Day Quotes

The wind blows on each one of us without any prejudices but it is up to us how we set our sails. Have a wonderful Global Wind Day.


Wishing a very Happy Global Wind Day to you…. May the goodness of wind empower your life with constructive energies.


The Fuel in the Earth Will Be Exhausted in a Thousand or More Years, and Its Mineral Wealth, but Man Will Find Substitutes for These in the Winds, the Waves, the Sun’s Heat, and So Forth.


An extraordinary wind is blowing, and it gives you either creative potential or a migraine, Raise awareness on the wind energy.


the wind is terrifying amid a tornado or in life as a rule never know when a blast is going to come toward you and make a huge difference.


Ordinary turbines just work up to 200 feet, however, catching a little portion of the global wind vitality at higher elevations could be adequate to supply the present vitality needs of the globe.


The very winds murmured in mitigating highlights, and maternal Nature bade me sob no more.


I hear the wind among the trees Playing the heavenly orchestras; I see the branches descending bowed, Like keys of some incredible instrument.


On Global Wind Day, let us take inspiration from wind which has the power to bring change in this world.


An incredible wind is blowing, and that gives you either creative energy or cerebral pain.


The two most plentiful types of intensity on earth are sun-based and wind, and they’re getting less expensive and less expensive.