Gullak Season 4 Review: A Beautiful and Nostalgic Return of the Mishra Family

Gullak Season 4 Review: The fourth edition of the beloved SonyLIV dramedy, Gullak, marks a poignant and nostalgic return to the chaotic yet heartwarming lives of the Mishra family. This season introduces a sense of maturity and conflict, capturing the essence of middle-class life in a small North Indian town with its impeccable storytelling and relatable characters. The latest season manages to win over audiences once again with its excellent writing and effortless performances by the lead cast.

A Warm Hug in a Chaotic World

We were first introduced to the world of Gullak in 2019, during the pre-lockdown era, when the OTT space was beginning to carve its niche in the Indian entertainment landscape. The story of the Mishra family, navigating their lives in a middle-class household, felt like a warm hug. It provided a respite from the more intense content flooding OTT platforms—shows rife with crime, drama, gore, harsh language, and nudity.

From the onset, Gullak stood out as a family-friendly show, offering viewers a slice of life that was both comforting and engaging. The makers have retained that warmth and charm through to the fourth edition, allowing audiences to reunite with the Mishra family as they progress in their lives. This time, the narrative is infused with a sense of maturity and more profound themes, making it a more enriching experience.

The Mishra Family: Growing Up and Facing New Challenges

In the latest season, the curly-haired Annu (played by Vaibhav Raj Gupta) is grappling with job struggles as a medical representative, while his younger brother Aman (played by Harsh Mayar) is navigating the tumultuous phase of teenage rebellion. The dynamic between the siblings remains a highlight, offering moments of both humor and deep connection.

Sunita Rajwar, portraying their neighbor Bittu Ki Mummy, continues to light up the frame with her presence, adding a delightful touch of familiarity and warmth. The parents, Santosh Mishra (played by Jameel Khan) and Shanti Mishra (played by Geetanjali Kulkarni), face their own set of challenges. Santosh is caught in a conundrum of finding the right way to parent his children, while Shanti remains the family’s anchor, holding them together with her unwavering strength.

Universal Themes and Relatable Humor

What makes Gullak stand out is its ability to infuse universal themes with specific, relatable experiences. The latest season takes viewers on a journey as the parents try to navigate the complexities of parenting, while the children come to terms with the changes around them. Despite tackling more mature themes, the show maintains its light-hearted approach, addressing issues with sensitivity and humor.

From nosy neighbors to the dilemma of giving a bribe, the show touches upon everyday struggles with a unique blend of humor and nostalgia. There is nothing particularly deep or challenging in the storyline, yet it shines bright with its universality and core parental relationships. The writing is effortlessly good, stringing humor and relatable situations together to create a wholesome viewing experience.

Balanced Character Arcs and Emotional Depth

One of the strengths of Gullak is its balanced character arcs for each of the main characters. This season introduces more drama, twists, and emotional highs and lows without veering into melodrama. The chemistry of the cast is a significant asset, reflecting on screen and creating a bond with the viewers.

The vulnerability and raw honesty of the characters weave sensitive drama beneath all the laughter, providing a great time out. The sibling banter and dynamics are particularly noteworthy, turning out to be one of the main highlights of the season. The fourth part comes with great comic punches, a solid storyline, and brilliant narrational conversations by a Gullak (voiced by Shivankit Singh Parihar).

Nostalgia and Fresh Additions

The latest season is sprinkled with references from past seasons, allowing viewers to recall previous editions in a wholesome way. This continuity adds to the nostalgia, making long-time fans feel right at home. The introduction of actor Helly Shah adds a fresh perspective, hinting at potential romantic developments in future storylines.

What Works and What Doesn’t

What Works

The show’s format of releasing five episodes per season works in its favor, keeping the story crisp and leaving audiences wanting more. The brevity ensures that each episode is packed with engaging content without feeling stretched.

The makers have managed to maintain the charm and relatability of the characters, despite the introduction of more mature themes. The balanced character arcs, excellent writing, and the chemistry of the cast continue to be the show’s strongest points.

Potential Drawbacks

One potential concern is the risk of the show feeling repetitive, given its focus on the same set of characters over multiple seasons. However, the makers have taken steps to expand the show’s universe by introducing new characters, such as Annu’s boss and Aman’s friend Surya Narayan, which adds fresh dynamics to the storyline.

There is also a growing sense that the show is intentionally becoming more emotional, which, while adding depth, might make viewers reach for the tissue box more often. This shift does not detract from the fun but adds a layer of complexity to the narrative.

Taking Risks and Evolving

It is clear that Gullak is taking baby steps towards deviating from its simple narrative to explore more complex and dramatic subjects. This willingness to take risks elevates the show, making it more engaging and reflective of real-life challenges. The balance between humor and emotional depth ensures that the show remains relatable and heartwarming.

A Pause in a Fast-Paced World

In a world where everyone is busy chasing goals, Gullak offers a moment to pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It celebrates the quirks of everyday life, reminding viewers to cherish the little things. Backed by The Viral Fever (TVF), the show continues to be a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Gullak Season 4 is a beautiful and nostalgic return of the Mishra family, filled with humor, warmth, and a touch of maturity. The show continues to excel with its relatable storytelling, strong character arcs, and the chemistry of its cast. As it evolves to tackle more complex themes, it maintains its essence, providing viewers with a heartwarming and engaging experience.

With each season, Gullak reaffirms its place as a beloved series that captures the spirit of middle-class life in India. The fourth season, with its blend of nostalgia and fresh perspectives, promises to be another memorable chapter in the Mishra family’s journey. Streaming on SonyLIV from June 7, Gullak Season 4 is a must-watch for anyone looking for a dose of laughter, warmth, and relatable family dynamics.

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