Happy Diwali 2022 Gift, Decoration, Greetings, Celebration Ideas

Diwali is a festival that brings with it days full of lovely homes decorated with lights, flowers, and rangoli, the lighting of firecrackers, putting on a few extra pounds by indulging in the yummiest sweets, and yes, not to forget, loads of gifts!

Here is a list of some unusual gift suggestions for Diwali 2022 to assist you in branching out from the typical sweets and dry fruit baskets. Take a look, then purchase one soon! We offer everything you need, whether you want a present for a friend or someone at work.

Diwali 2022 Gift Ideas, Decoration

Diwali decoration lights

Bulb Shaped LED Lamp:

This is the most pertinent gift that you may purchase in person or online from the store right next door. It can be decorated in the corner of your living room or used for a variety of other things. Either way, it will look lovely in every way.

It is commonly available for between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. In a similar vein, you can purchase variously shaped lamps and give them as gifts to your loved ones.

Scented Candles:

Who doesn’t enjoy walking into a fragrant space? Whether it’s a rose or a lavender, the aroma of fresh flowers is unmistakable. A long-standing custom during Diwali is to light candles, and using scented candles can bring even more life to the already happy season! The cost of these candles varies according to the size of the candle you choose. You could pay as little as Rs. 150 for it.

Hand-Painted Ceramic Plates:

Okay, so this one will cost a little more than usual. These hand-painted ceramic dishes are hugely popular right now. It can be utilised for both food preparation and wall decoration in your home. They are stunning works of art that were entirely painted by hand by the artisans. These might cost anywhere from Rs 1500 to Rs 4000.

Cup And Saucer Set:

Do you agree that tea and Diwali go together? With the help of this gift set, you may have a delicious cup of tea with your loved ones. Giving a cup and saucer set to anyone, from your family to your coworkers, is a gift that you can never go wrong with. You have a wide selection of cup and saucer sets to pick from, and the range varies depending on the type of material, size, and style you select. However, the price of a competent set might range from Rs. 800 to 3,500.

Lord Ganesha Idol:

This is the perfect present because Diwali is a holiday where we honour Lord Ganesha and worship him alongside Goddess Saraswati. You can choose from a variety of idol sizes and materials, and you can purchase it in accordance with your needs. These days, we can also get Ganesha idols that are environmentally friendly, and what better time to consider the environment than when this event also experiences severe air pollution from firecrackers. The price of this gift ranges from Rs. 350 to Rs. 5000.

Indoor Planters:

Planters for the home are a highly secure present option. They work incredibly well as decorations. The entire space has a distinctive atmosphere because to their hanging manner. They are conveniently available in nurseries and online. With the type of plant you’re purchasing, the price range can surprise you, but you can still manage to score a good plant for at least Rs. 500.

Poker Game Set:

How can poker not come up when we talk about Diwali? You will enjoy the holidays to the utmost if you use this poker set, which is correct. Everyone in the house will undoubtedly participate in this game. The memories and fun we create while playing this game with our loved ones are more important than the financial gains. You might buy this poker set for less than Rs. 3000.

Unique Diwali Celebration Ideas

Unique Diwali Celebration Ideas

:- Decorating your home is the absolute first thing you want to do for Diwali. You can achieve this by creating rangoli, placing lights throughout your home, decorating with flowers, and maintaining a clean home.

:- The exciting part is up next! Everyone in the family should take advantage of Diwali to the fullest and do all possible to make that happen. Therefore, you can participate in different Diwali games like poker, sing while playing Antakshari, and dance to have fun.

:- As an alternative to purchasing sweets from the candy store, you might choose for completely homemade treats. You will become even more enthused about this festival of lights as a result.

:- Create a contest for the best-dressed member of the household, and keep a reward for the winner. I’m confident that the award will encourage everyone to dress up even more!

:- You can create Diwali cards and give them as gifts to close friends or family members.

:- A Diwali Shayari contest is another way to unleash everyone’s inner Ghalib.

Although there are countless options, we hope you may choose something special and intriguing for yourself so you can take pleasure in this happy day. I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!