Happy Friendship Day 2022- { Latest Quotes, Wishes and Images }

After being sponsored by the UN, World Friendship Day is commemorated every year on July 30. However, nations like India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA mark Friendships Day on the first Sunday of August. In 2022, it will be observed on August 7.

This day is significant not only for individuals but also for various countries and cultures. This day serves as a reminder to humanity that we must live together and work together to resolve all conflicts.

This day is recognized for honouring friendship, the friends we have made, and the ways that they guide our lives. Because families are becoming smaller, friends also serve as a family in today’s society. Although we are not related by blood, and we do love and care for one another.

Friendship Day is a day set aside specifically to give thanks to our friends for being funny, supportive, and always having our backs. A highly pure relationship is friendship. Your sibling, your parents, or your grandparents are all potential sources of friendship. Anyone could do it.

To become friends, we don’t need to know someone’s age, gender, or social class. Consider them a friend if you feel comfortable sharing your trauma and secrets with them.

On this day friends give cards, bands, and promises of friendship to each other. This is a very beautiful day and in every country, peoples celebrate this day. 

latest and best wishes, quotes, and Status for friends:-

:- Thanks for being the package of joy, happiness, and laughter. Happy friendship day. I love you all.

:- Our friendship is like Spaghetti and meatballs. We go well together. Happy friendship day.

:- The most invaluable thing I have is your friendship. I will forever cherish it. Happy Friendship Day Bestie.

:- Friendship is a priceless gift that we should treasure.

:- In difficult times, good friends are like pillars of strength.

:- Good friends are difficult to find and even more difficult to leave.

:- Happy friendship day to all my friends near and far. Wishing you all a great time celebrating this happy occasion.

:- Good friends are like family; they support you during difficult times and rejoice with you during happy times.


:- One true friend is worth a thousand false friends who turn on you.

:- My life was perfect until my best friend was released from the psychiatric hospital.

:- When you have crazy friends, life is good.

:- My promise was never to let you feel lonely. That’s why I always disturb you. Anyway, Happy Friendship Day!

:- The circle of friendship is a place of warmth and caring, where people come together for listening and sharing. A place of kindness and trust, a place of tears and laughter too. I’m glad to share that circle with a special friend like you.

:- When you have good friends, every day becomes friendship day.

:- A good friend is someone who sticks by you even when everyone else abandons you.

:- A good friend is like a free therapist.

:- When I have friends like you, I am already winning in my life. Happy friendship day, my friends.

:- Friends are someone whom we can count on at every step of our lives. Wishing everyone a lovely friendship day.

:- Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life.

:- Dear partner-in-crime, I could have never pulled off the pranks without you, so thank you for providing me with mental support! Happy Friendship Day.

:- Friendship like ours doesn’t solve life challenges but because of our friendship, I know the challenges are not mine alone. 

:- Hugs and more hugs are sent to you my special friend wishing you much happiness.

:- There are times in our life when we realize how blessed we are from the friendships we have formed over the years, graduations and retirements often remind us of this.

:- One of the very pleasant things about friendship is the ‘do you remember moments.

:- I cannot imagine how boring my life would be without you guys! Thanks, everyone for being there for me.

:- Our friendship can be compared to a circle that is round and has no end. my wish for us is that our friendship will always be a circle.

:- For the happiness, you bring into others’ lives, I wish more happiness for you on this Friendship Day.

:- Wishing you a happy friendship day, my dear friend. May God strengthen our bond and fill our lives with happy memories.

:- Friendship is the purest of all relations. If you ever find a friend who is true and honest, be thankful and don’t ever let him go. Happy Friendship Day to all.

:- Thank you for never letting me do the stupid things alone. This just proves what a great friend you are to me. Happy Friendship Day to you.

:- You can be a million miles away from me, but you will always be in my heart. Happy friendship day.

:- We may not see each other in everyday life, but I know we are always on each other’s minds. Happy Friendship Day.

:- After another wonderful year of friendship, this day has come yet again to remind us how much we mean to each other. Happy friendship day to my dear best friend.

:- our existence has illuminated my life with new hope. I’m lucky that I got you. Happy Friendship Day, best friend.