Hindi Movie Shadow Assassins Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Makers

Shadow Assassins is an upcoming crime thriller film directed by Nilaanjan Reeta Datta, who is well known for his roles in The Head Hunter and Golper Mayajaal. It is based on real-life events.

Along with Rohit Kumar, Datta is working on the screenplay as a co-writer. The film’s dialogue is written by Raghav Dar, while the extra dialogue is written by Bhushan Ingole.


Anurag Sinha and Misti Chakraborty play the lead roles in the movie. In films like “Black and White,” “Prisoners of War,” “Bandi Yuddh Ke,” “Kaun Banegi Sikharwati,” “Mannphodganj Ki Binny,” etc., Sinha made his acting debut with ground-breaking performances.

On the other hand, Misty Chakraborty is well-known for her performances in films like Burra Katta, Adam Joan, Brihaspathi, and Kaanchi: The Unbreakable. She also had an appearance in the 2019 historical drama Manikarnika, which stars Kangana Ranaut.

In addition to him, the movie also has prominent performances by Monuj Borkotoky, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om, KP Sandhu, Hemant Kher, Soumya Mukherjee, Akash Sinha, Ranjeev Lal Barua, Stuti Choudhury, Mrigendra N Konwar, Ranjita Boruah, Violet Nazir Tiwari, and Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika.

The film’s music director is Ashu Chakraborty, the editor is Navnita Sen, and the cinematographer is Gargey Trivedi. The songs in the movie highlight the lovely singing of Zubeen Garg and Javed Ali.


The crime drama’s release date has finally been announced. It was produced by Siddharth Mahajan, Anil Goswami, Rahul Kapoor, Navnita Sen, Shitiz Jain, and Nilaanjan R. Datta. The big screen premiere is scheduled for December 9, 2022.

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The movie is based on some actual incidents that happened in Assam in 1998. It tells the tale of Nirbhay Kalita, a young aspirant who became consumed by vengeance after the murder of some of his loved ones.


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The trailer was released and you can watch it: