Indian Predator Season 3 Release Date (Netflix), Star Cast, Trailer, Plot

After releasing two popular seasons, “Indian Predator- The Butcher of Delhi” and “Indian Predator- The Diary of a Serial Killer,” the well-known streaming giant Netflix has announced the third, named “Indian Predator- Murder in a Courtroom.”

In the two seasons before this one, there were two distinct occurrences of serial killers brutally murdering unarmed victims. The Butcher of Delhi’s first season was based on the horrific murders of 7 labourers who were killed in West Delhi between 1998 and 2007 by a psychopath.

On the other hand, “The Notebook of a Serial Murderer” was based on the killing of a young journalist from Allahabad who was killed by a serial killer who kept a diary in which he listed the names of 13 victims he had killed, including the journalist.

The thriller “Murder in a Courtroom” will now portray a different tale that will leave you in shock.

Indian Predator Season 3 Netflix Release Date

On Friday, October 7, Netflix revealed the title and premiere date of an upcoming documentary series. The streamer also threw down a banner that appeared to be an artwork in which we see several ladies approaching a man while brandishing sharp tools like knives, sickles, etc.

The statement came exactly one month after “The Diary of a Serial Killer” was published. On October 28, 2022, the upcoming season is scheduled to make its Netflix debut. It is anticipated to include three episodes, just like the first two seasons.

About Indian Predator Season 3

The documentary series will chronicle the life of Akku Yadav, a gangster, robber, rapist, and serial killer who, along with his group, perpetrated rape, murder, and home invasion crimes in Kasturba Nagar for 13 years before to his passing. He was being held by the police on August 13, 2004, when he was attacked by a mob of about 200 women who stabbed and stoned him.