International Children’s Book day 2022- History, Aim, and Celebration

International Children’s Book Day Every year celebrates on the 2nd of April. This is a yearly celebration of the birthday of a Danish author and poet. On this special day, many bookstores and libraries hold storytelling workshops and book reading events related to children’s book authors.

The first Children’s Book Day was celebrated in 1967. Children’s book day every year is organized by International Board on Books for Young people profit organization

Aim of this day:-

The main purpose of the day is to share the power of reading and the role of books in the development and education of children. Children’s Book Day also aims to inspire the love of reading among children.

How to Celebrate:-

On this day you can give comics, Education related books and books which your child likes the most. You can also narrate the whole story to children about History, Technology, Wildlife, etc to inspire them.