International Kiss Day 2022- Benefits of kisses

Kiss Day is being celebrated on 6th July. International Kiss Day is celebrated with the aim of taking healthy relationships and the benefits of kissing to the people. Kiss is a beautiful medium of expression of feelings. Kissing not only increases love and attachment in the relationship, but also has some health benefits. Kissing is beneficial for health. Which can reduce many types of physical problems.

According to health experts, 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles of the body become active during kissing. Due to this the muscles remain tight and toned. Kissing increases the blood circulation in the face, which makes the skin look young and beautiful. A kiss works to prevent aging and treat physical problems. On the occasion of World Kissing Day, know about the health benefits of kissing.

Four Benefits Of Kisses

1- Kissing increases immunity. According to a study report published in the journal Microbiome in 2014, while kissing on the lips, the couple’s saliva is transferred to each other. The saliva contains small amounts of certain germs, upon contact with which the immune system starts producing antibodies against them. Kissing reduces the risk of future diseases due to this germ that reached the body.

2- Kissing also reduces depression and stress. Due to the hormone cortisol, stress increases in humans. But when people kiss, hug or express love to each other, the level of cortisol in the brain starts decreasing. This releases the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress. Simply put, kissing refreshes the mood. Anxiety begins to subside with restlessness and insomnia.

3- For people who have complaints of high blood pressure, kissing can be an effective treatment. Kissing expert and author Andrea Dimirjian says that when people kiss, their heart rate starts increasing. Due to this, the blood vessels dilate and the blood flow is better, due to which the blood pressure is controlled.

4- Kissing may also reduce serum cholesterol levels. Kissing is beneficial to get relief from the risk of heart diseases and stroke.