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On August 28, 1992, in the Brazilian city of So Paulo, model Jennifer Pamplona was born. She has moreover posed for Versace, a high-end fashion house.

She has also participated in the “Addiction” documentary, which explores the drawbacks of cosmetic procedures.

She gained fame when she dated Celso Santebaes, who also spent a lot of money on plastic surgery to make him seem like a classic doll. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 20 from cancer in his leg that was brought on by an infection from fillers.

The Versace model underwent her first operation when she was 17 years old, and during the subsequent 12 years, she underwent 40 cosmetic treatments.

Jennifer Pamplona acknowledged that she had body dysmorphia and that she had never loved her physique and was unhappy about it.

She also admitted that it started to bother her when people started referring to her as a Kardashian and that the only reason people recognized her as one was that she resembled one.

She was able to “detransition” with the assistance of a doctor in Istanbul by paying a hefty sum of Rupees 95 lakh.

She also admitted that the fact that her cheeks continued to bleed for three days straight following her most recent operations caused her a lot of trouble.

The model thinks the grueling operation was worthwhile because it allowed her to reclaim her individuality. Even though she is recovering slowly, she still has swelling and bruises.

In addition, Jennifer is producing a documentary called Addiction that will highlight the drawbacks of cosmetic surgery. She is also collaborating with a medical professional from Brazil to assist folks who are dealing with body dysmorphia.

“I feel like my life story can benefit a lot of people, but my face is gorgeous, and now I look even more attractive,” she reportedly said.

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