Know About the WhatsApp New Privacy Features

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s Founder and CEO, released new privacy tools for Whatsapp, which also will allow users to exit any group secretively and have their online presence viewable only to persons of their own choosing. This month WhatsApp New Feature will available for all users.

WhatsApp New Privacy Features

According to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerbergexit, multiple new privacy features are flowing to WhatsApp. The new Privacy feature enables you to leave group chats without informing anyone else in the group other than the group Admin.

Watsapp clients now can handle who can view while they are online, and another significant change is that users can now disable screenshots for ‘Display Once Texts.’

The view once has become a popular tool for sharing photos and information that do not require a permanent digital record, and enabling this function will add an additional surface of protection and privacy.

Advertising to educate people about new Features of WhatsApp

Meta will activate campaigns to educate the people regarding Whatsapp’s new privacy features so that consumers can feel secure about their data. The goal of this advertisement will be to reach out to an increasing number of people and start educating them about the unique updates.

The advertising will begin in India and the United Kingdom, which have the highest number of Whatsapp users.

These extra updates appear to provide greater security and privacy to Whatsapp users.