International Men’s Day 2022- History, Aim, Theme, Quotes and Wishes { Latest }

The day addresses the various health problems and discriminations that men face and calls on people all over the world to unite and work toward a more harmonious world.

This day ensures that people are aware of this ongoing problem because millions of men suffer in silence about their mental health.

On November 19, men throughout celebrate International Men’s Day to recognise their good contributions to society, marriage, family, childcare, and the workplace.

We’re bringing you the background and significance of International Men’s Day on this special day!


:- Recognise & honours the contributions & sacrifices that a man makes for his family & society.

:- Draw attention to the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health and well-being of men.

:- to address the problem of male discrimination.

:- in order to promote gender equality.

:- to build a more secure and better future.


International Men’s Day history

John P. Harris, an American columnist, wrote an essay in 1968 on the Soviet system, which celebrated International Women’s Day for female workers but did not do the same for their male colleagues.

Thomas Oaster, the director of the Missouri Center for Men’s Studies, invited organisations in the United States, Australia, and Malta to host small International Men’s Day events in February in the middle of the 1990s. For a long time, Thomas presided over these gatherings with skill; however, his 1995 initiative was poorly supported, but Malta persisted in taking part.

Jerome Teelucksingh from the University of the West Indies revived the day in 1999. He realised that while there was a day to honour dads, there was no day to honour men who were childless, young, or in their teens.

Teelucksingh recognised the value of positive male role models because his father had served as an excellent role model for him. He made the decision to observe International Men’s Day on November 19, which also happened to be his father’s birthday and the day a local soccer team joined his nation in their efforts to fulfil the requirements for the world cup.


International Mens day

Why is it vital to observe International Men’s Day, some people wonder? We live in a world where everyone has the right to have their problems addressed, which is the straightforward answer to this question.

International Men’s Day serves as a reminder of the many health issues that men deal with on a daily basis, with a particular emphasis on the rising rate of male suicide. It is very uncommon for men to come out and talk about their mental health, so the day encourages them to do so.

The purpose of celebrating International Men’s Day is to prompt men to take action before it is too late. A man’s masculinity should never be questioned, and it is very clear at this time. Young boys need adult guidance to help them express their feelings and goals in life without being afraid. The creation of International Men’s Day is a step in that direction.


international mens day theme

The promotion of gender equality and the enhancement of gender relations are two of the main objectives of International Men’s Day. This applies to both men and women.

In this regard, the theme for International Men’s Day in 2022 has not yet been revealed; it was “Better relations between men and women” in 2021. We won’t live in a better, safer world until men and women can walk side by side.

International Men’s Day Quotes and Wishes

 A good son, a good brother, a good friend, a good husband. Let’s appreciate men today. Happy men’s day.


A real man does not care about what others think about him, he just does what he has to for the good of his family. Happy Men’s Day.


Men are beautiful creations of God, but they are not perfect, so it’s normal that they have several errors. Happy International Men’s Day.


Wishing all the strong and emotional men out there a very happy men’s day.


Men are like steel. When they lose their temper, they lose their worth. 


There is no need for a man to use physical force to show the strength that he carries within him. It is a matter of facing the challenges of life without fear. Happy International Men’s Day.


A father nurtures his son to help him start his life, more importantly, he helps him become a MAN. Happy International Men’s Day.


A real man can’t stand seeing his woman hurt. He’s careful with his decisions and actions, so he never has to be responsible for her pain.


Men are capable not exclusively to change the predetermination of their lives yet, in addition, the fate of a nation. Cheerful Men’s Day.


A genuine man does not think about what others think about him, he simply does what he needs to do so as to encapsulate harmony. Upbeat Men’s Day.


Man is the complement of women, is the piece needed a family, this is the reason it is so critical. Cheerful Men’s Day.


Congrats to those men for whom the family is over any delight in this world. Upbeat Men’s Day.


On account of good men that exist on the planet, mankind has accomplished advancement from numerous points of view, and ideally, this will proceed. Cheerful Men’s Day.


It of festivity each one of those things that men can accomplish in this life. Glad Men’s Day.


Thank you for playing multiple roles with so much dignity. Happy men’s day.