Top 10 Netflix Short Film Series Watch Free On Youtube

Netflix, the global OTT behemoth, is going above and beyond to present its users with fresh and intriguing content. To keep its viewers engaged with the content, the streamer has always come up with new concepts and tales.

Whether it’s a movie, web series, or short film, it always offers something unique to its audience. As part of its “Take Ten” short film workshop and competition, Netflix India has now released a series of ten finest short films on its official YouTube channel.

Here is a selection of online shows that you can watch for free on YouTube. Check out the following list:


Director Orlando von Einsiedel and producer Joanna Natasegara follow three volunteer rescue workers in Aleppo, Syria, and Turkey in early 2016 as they try to save citizens devastated by the war.


Gajamathi, an immigrant worker from Bihar, lives in a small shack in the construction building with her mother, Shanthi, and her three-year-old daughter, Bijli, who goes missing one day. Will Gajamathi be able to track her down? That is the story’s climax.


The film follows a local tea plantation worker who is approaching retirement and must choose between operating her business and protecting her daughter from social monsters such as class division, inheritance, and exploitation.


The story centres around five members of Sadabahar, a wedding brass quartet from Uttar Pradesh that works in Goa. They must choose between pursuing a living as outsiders in Goa and returning to their village after being wrongfully convicted of robbery.


Stockholm is a comedy-thriller that follows the life of Viswanathan, a 60-year-old man who lives alone. Three scared guys grabbed him one day, and life became intriguing for the man he finds home, in his captors.


The story centres around Shiv, a 12-year-old schoolboy who has been keeping a secret for a long time. But his life changed during the Ganapati celebration, and his secret was revealed.


The science fiction drama follows Inaya, a 7-year-old girl who becomes unable to recognise her parents and begins to feel like a stranger in her own home. Her frightened parents employ a therapist to figure out why this is happening to her.


The plot centres around an orphan daughter-in-law and her mother-in-law, who created a weird bond and began spilling secrets, sharing recipes, and exchanging late-night thoughts, which led to an easy and free existence for both of them.


The story centres around the lives of a father and his kid, who recently lost his mother. The story depicts the father-son duo’s odd connection, since they seldom speak to each other.


Screen is an experimental film that investigates the concept of “home.” It reveals whether it is a location, a group of people, or simply images and music that weave together a slice of life.


Suman’s life is explored in the novel, who lives in a middle-class household of five. He resolved to commit suicide because he was tired of his family’s constant taunting. Overall, the short video uncovered a seam of ancestral trauma that moulded their lives.