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The Parsi New Year, also recognized as Navroz or Nowroz, is observed on August 16th each year. Navroz is celebrated according to the Shahenshahi calendar and is designated as a regional holiday in many parts of India.

The Shahenshahi calendar is generally followed by the Indian Parsi community, which is mostly concentrated in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Many Parsis regard this day as a fresh start, and they begin by cleaning their homes, washing their clothes, soliciting contributions, and exchanging gifts.

Parsi New Year History

Parsi New Year History
Parsi New Year History

The Parsi New Year dates back 3500 years as part of their Zoroastrianism religion, which has been formed by the Prophet Zarathustra in Persia, which is now known as Iran.

This holiday has its origins in Zoroastrian ideology, which appears to believe in the annual renewal of all of the universe’s objects.

When the Muslims conquered Persia, the re-emergence of Nowruz coincided with the rejuvenation of the Iranian royal families. In 1079 A.D., astronomer Omar Khayyam and a group of scholars established the ‘Jalali’ calendar, which began on Nowruz.

Happy Parsi New Year

In 2016, Nowruz was added to UNESCO’s list of Humankind’s Cultural Intangible Heritage.

This is one of the important festivals for Parsis all over the world, and they celebrate this day as a new start.

Parsi New Year Wishes, Quotes & Images

As a new chapter in your life begins, I send you my best wishes. Joyful Navroz.

May God bless you throughout Navroz as the New Year begins.

May this festive occasion of Navroz brighten your days and nights, spread smiles and joy, and bring you peace of mind and heart.. Bravo on Navroz.

May the good vibes of the new year fill your heart with eternal joy..  Happy Parsi New Year.”

“May this New Year bring you happiness and joy, awesomeness and positivity….. With much love, wishing you a Happy Parsi New Year.”

May you be surrounded by love, heroism, wisdom, contentment, health, patience, and cleanliness. Happy Navroz 2022!

Happy Navroz to you and your family! May the day bring you new energy and hope.

May there be a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel of difficult times. Navroz, may you be guided to that light.

Happy Navroz, this is the year when all of your imagination will come true and all of your hard work will blossom.

Happy Navroz to you and your family. Spend the day together and prosperously.