Pitru Paksha 2022- Date, Time, History, and More

In 2022 Pitru Paksha started on 10 September 2022. Pitru Paksha runs for 16 days and during these days Hindu peoples pray and offer Food, Water to their passed away parents. 

On this day Hindus take food only one time a day after completing the Shraddha ceremony and this ceremony is completed under the Hindu Pandit. 

 According to Hindus on the shraddha ceremony, the soul of Pitru comes to earth from the haven and some souls take new birth on earth and some reached with God “They get the Mokash”. 

When the epic warrior Karna Died in the Mahabharat war. His soul went to heaven and he saw many different types of food but he could not eat because when he tried to touch food then Food converted to gold. For the solution, Surya and Karna meet with Dev Indra and he said, You only donated Gold not food in your life, and didn’t perform Shraddha for their forefathers Then Karna said yes I did not remember that I donated food to anyone. 

After that Indra decided, Karna would go to earth for 16 day period and complete the Shraddha Ceremony to donate food and water. 

In this 16 Day Period, all Hindus are known as Pitru Paksha now.