Prasanth Varma Talked About Ranveer Singh After Viral Post

In the ever-evolving world of cinema, creative visions and interpretations often lead to both extraordinary collaborations and unexpected partings. Such is the case with the acclaimed filmmaker Prasanth Varma and Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. The duo was initially set to work together on a film titled “Rakshas,” but the project fell through due to differences in creative vision. This incident recently came to light again, sparking rumors and speculations after Varma posted a cryptic message on his X account. The post read, “One day you realize every rejection was a blessing in disguise,” which many assumed to be a veiled dig at Singh. However, Varma has now come forward to clear the air, providing insights into his post, his journey, and his relationship with Singh.

The Viral Post and Misinterpretations

Prasanth Varma’s post, which quickly went viral, was interpreted by many as a subtle jab at Ranveer Singh. The speculation arose because of the history between the two regarding the “Rakshas” project. However, Varma has clarified that the post was not targeted at anyone specific. He explained that it was a reflection of his gratitude for the rejections he faced early in his career, which ultimately led him to create the film “Hanu-Man.”

“It was a very generic feeling I had in the morning and I thought about posting it. I was thinking about the overall journey. Had people not rejected me in my initial years, I wouldn’t have ended up making Hanu-Man,” Varma explained. This sentiment was meant to inspire others, highlighting the notion that setbacks can often lead to greater opportunities.

The Journey to “Hanu-Man”

Varma’s journey in the film industry has been marked by perseverance and resilience. His path to success was not straightforward, with numerous rejections and challenges shaping his career. These experiences, though difficult at the time, were instrumental in his development as a filmmaker.

“Had I done any of the films that I had previously pitched to other actors, had I done those films, Hanu-Man would have never happened,” Varma said, emphasizing the silver lining of his earlier struggles. “Hanu-Man,” a project that has garnered significant attention and praise, might never have come to fruition if not for the obstacles he faced along the way.

The Nature of Social Media and Misinterpretations

The incident also sheds light on the volatile nature of social media, where messages can be easily misinterpreted and speculations can spread rapidly. Varma expressed his frustration with how his positive message was misconstrued.

“I try to put up posts to inspire people. That sentence is almost like a quote from which anyone can take inspiration. But on social media only 10 percent, I think, got inspired and the remaining 90 percent are trying to (baselessly) connect the dots,” he lamented. This highlights the challenges public figures face in maintaining their intended message amid the noise and interpretations of social media platforms.

The Creative Differences with Ranveer Singh

Addressing the root cause of the speculations, Varma spoke about the creative differences that led to the shelving of the “Rakshas” project. He noted that the decision was purely professional and stemmed from differing visions for the film.

“There were differing points of view about making the film. As an actor, I really respect him. And I believe that even he respects my work,” Varma stated. This mutual respect, despite the creative disagreement, underscores the professional nature of their relationship.

Future Prospects for “Rakshas”

With the “Rakshas” project currently on hold, Varma has yet to consider a replacement for Singh in the film. He explained that it would take time for him to think of someone else for the role, as the project remains paused for the time being.

“Not right now. It will take me time to think of someone else for that film. I haven’t thought of anyone. The film is currently on hold,” Varma said. This pause allows Varma to focus on other projects and reflect on the future direction of “Rakshas.”

Maintaining Cordial Relations

Despite the project falling through, Varma and Singh have maintained a cordial relationship. Varma shared that they are still in touch and continue to communicate, with no bad blood between them.

“We still talk to each other. It (the film) just couldn’t happen but our relationship stayed,” Varma revealed. This professional maturity and respect highlight the strength of their working relationship, even in the face of setbacks.


The story of Prasanth Varma and Ranveer Singh serves as a reminder of the complex dynamics in the film industry, where creative visions can both unite and divide. Varma’s viral post, while misinterpreted by many, was a reflection of his gratitude for the rejections that shaped his career. His journey from facing setbacks to creating “Hanu-Man” underscores the importance of resilience and the potential hidden within challenges.

As Varma continues to navigate his career, his relationship with Singh remains a testament to professional respect and the possibility of future collaborations. The tale of “Rakshas” may be on hold, but the story of Varma and Singh is far from over, with both continuing to make their mark on the industry.

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