Promise day 2023: Quotes, Wishes, Images, Shayari latest and best

Promise day is the day when lovers give promise to each other. On 11th February this day celebrate every year. 

You can do any promise to your love, But if you have no idea what to promise then don’t worry because here we are sharing with you some unique and beautiful happy promise day quotes, Shayari, and wishes.

Now enjoy your Promised day 2022 with your love:-


1- Our paths will never be different nor will they be divided. We will be together on every journey and at every destination. Happy promise day!


2- When I say I’ll be yours forever, it’s not a promise; it’s a fact. Wishing you a happy promise day my love!


3- I’ll always be there for you even if the whole world falls apart. It’s a promise I made right when I first met you. Happy promise day!


4- Every breath I take is a guaranty for you that I’ll love you as long as I’m alive. Don’t let any other thoughts bother you.


5- I promise to give you a life full of happiness and peace. I want to make you the happiest person in the world! Happy promise day!


6- No matter what, I will follow the rainbow to the end and cross all the oceans if you promise to remain in my life, darling. Sending all my sweet love.


7- No love story was ever so romantic and passionate. No promise was ever so effective. You and I are going to make history! Happy promise day!


9- My life would be so worthless if I haven’t met you. I promise to be with you as long as there’s a day after each night!


10- I will not promise you for a moon but I promise that you will be the moon of my life and will keep the wheels of my life moving in the shadow of that light.


11- I do not promise that I will solve all the problems that you will face

Nor do I promise that I will always keep you happy

But one thing I can promise is that you will never be alone in your life

Happy Promise Day!!


12- “Love makes no demands and has no expectations – just sincerity and trust! Happy Promise Day.”


13- “Maybe I’m too late to be your first. But right now, I’m preparing myself to be your last. I promise. Happy Promise Day!”


14- We met it was Luck!

We talked about it being a CHANCE!

We became friends it was DESTINY!

We are still friends it is FAITH!

We will always be friends it’s a PROMISE!

On this Promise Day!


15- Living a life is not living with you, it is dreaming with you. And I promise that I only want to dream with you, no other girl. 


16- I would end my life with you and I will only start with you. 


17- I’m your fish, you are my water. You are my soul. You are my life. You are my star that will always shine. And I promise that I will be always by your side. 


18- You complete me and without you, I feel broken and shattered. I don’t want to see this world without you. And I promise to see this world, all the beauties of it with you only. 


19- The way you dress, the way your hair looks, and the way your eyes see me; I like everything about you. It is my promise that nothing I would dislike about you.


20- Trust, faith, loyalty, commitment; everything I will be abiding by for you, and I promise I will always be loyal towards you. 


Promise Day Shayari:-


1- Vaada karte hai hum aapse

Hamare sath jeene ki

aapko wajah milegi

Hum bhi muskuraana chahte hai

Kya aapke dil mee

thodi jagah milegi


2- Abi toh Haat thama hai,

Jindgi bhar rista bhi nibha ke dikhainge,

Apne lafzo ko jindgi me utar kar dikhainge.


3- Apko maana hai or maante rahinge,

Bus kuch saalo ka intzaar or

Fir rista lekar hi aainge.


4- Raaho me intzaar karunga,

Me sirf tumse pyar karunga.


5- Jo tum Chaogi wo karunga,

Galat cheejo se bus doori banaye rakhunga.


6- Tera Sahara banunga,

Saano me bhi tera naam japunga,

Yaado se dur na jaane dunga,

Han me tujhe beintihaa pyar karunga.


7- Wqat ke tera naam likh dunga,

Har wqat me tera sara sansaar link dunga.


8- Jab khud ko Akela paaoge,

Wada me mujhko shaat paaoge,

Lainge itni Khushiya ki tum apne,

Her lamhe me muskuraoge.


9- Promise hai humara,

Na choringe shaat tumhara,

Jo gaye bhul hume, 

Le aainge haat pakad tumhara.


10- Mohabbat hogi had se jiyada,

Cahinge tumhe khud se jiyda,

Wada hai tumhe apna bana kar rakhinge aise,

Ki Tum rahoge mujhme mujse jiyada.


11- Har pal tumhe pyar karinge ye irada hai,

Kayamat tak rahega shaat humara ye wada hai.


12- Rahinge tere dil me hum,

Humara pyar kabi na hoga kam,

Chahe kitne bhi aaye jingdi me gum,

Rahinge humesha tere shaat hum.


13- Na me rona chata hu,

Na tumhe khona chata hu,

Jab tak jindgi hai tumhare shaat rahunga,

Yahi me tumse kahana chata hun.


14- Agr apne mujhe laakho me chuna hai,

Wada hai karoro ki bhid me khone nahi dunga.


15- Aaj apni saano se ye wada karunga,

Teri chahat ko dil me basaye rakhunga,


16- Wada hai mera ki jitne waade kiye the,


Tumhe chor kar jindgi bhar nahi jainge.


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