Salman Khan Praises Vicky Kaushal’s Dance Moves in “Tauba Tauba”

Vicky Kaushal’s electrifying dance moves in the song “Tauba Tauba” from his upcoming film “Bad Newz” have earned widespread acclaim. The song, featuring Kaushal and Tripti Dimri, showcases their energetic performance and has captured the audience’s attention. Among those praising Kaushal’s performance are Bollywood heavyweights Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan.

Salman Khan’s Admiration for Vicky Kaushal

Salman Khan, known for his own dancing prowess, took to Instagram to express his admiration for Vicky Kaushal’s dance moves in “Tauba Tauba.” Sharing the song’s video, Salman wrote, “Great moves Vicky, song looking good. Best wishes.” This public endorsement from one of Bollywood’s biggest stars added to the buzz surrounding the song, which has been trending since its release earlier this week.

Reacting to Salman’s praise, Vicky Kaushal shared his gratitude on Instagram Stories. He wrote, “So sweet of you Salman sir!! Thank you so much… This means so much to me and the whole team! (red heart and namaste emojis).” The warm gesture from Salman Khan not only highlighted Vicky’s talent but also fostered a sense of camaraderie within the industry.

Hrithik Roshan Joins the Chorus of Praise

Hrithik Roshan, another celebrated dancer in Bollywood, also lauded Vicky Kaushal’s performance. Commenting on Vicky’s dance video, Hrithik wrote, “Well done man. Love the style.” Vicky expressed his excitement by sharing a screenshot of Hrithik’s comment on Instagram, captioning it, “And good night to me…Jeevan= Safal.”

The acknowledgment from Hrithik Roshan further solidified the song’s impact and highlighted Vicky Kaushal’s versatility as a performer. With endorsements from both Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan, “Tauba Tauba” has become a significant talking point in the industry.

The Buzz Around “Tauba Tauba”

“Tauba Tauba” has garnered significant attention for its catchy beats and energetic choreography. The song features Vicky Kaushal and Tripti Dimri grooving to its upbeat tunes, captivating the audience with their electrifying performance. The vibrant visuals and infectious energy of the song have made it a favorite among fans and critics alike.

The positive reception of “Tauba Tauba” has added to the anticipation for “Bad Newz,” an upcoming comedy-drama directed by Anand Tiwari. The film promises to be a refreshing take on the complexities of heteropaternal superfecundation amidst a backdrop of humor and chaos.

About “Bad Newz”

“Bad Newz” is directed by Anand Tiwari, known for his unique storytelling and ability to blend comedy with drama. The film introduces Vicky Kaushal and Ammy Virk as protagonists navigating unexpected fatherhood dilemmas, with Tripti Dimri adding to the comic mayhem.

The trailer of “Bad Newz,” recently released, provides a glimpse into the film’s plot, which explores the complexities of heteropaternal superfecundation. The storyline, combined with Tiwari’s direction, promises a rollercoaster of emotions and laughter.

A Successor to “Good Newwz”

“Bad Newz” seems to be a successor to the 2019 hit “Good Newwz,” which starred Kareena Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani, and Diljit Dosanjh in the lead roles. While “Good Newwz” dealt with the humorous mix-up of two couples’ sperm samples at an IVF clinic, “Bad Newz” takes a different yet equally entertaining route.

The film is co-produced by Anand Tiwari, Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, and Amritpal Singh Bindra. The script, penned by Ishita Moitra and Tarun Dudeja, promises a fresh take on comedy-drama, with a storyline that is both engaging and humorous.

Release Date and Anticipation

“Bad Newz” is set to hit theaters on July 19, and the anticipation for the film is palpable. With a star-studded cast, an intriguing storyline, and positive early reviews, the film is expected to be a major success at the box office.

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