Slap Day 2023- Quotes, Wishes, Messages {Latest and Best}

Valentine’s Day was the end of a week filled with love, romance, and gifts. Today marks the start of Anti-Valentine’s Week. This week starts on Monday, February 15th. The first day of the week is called ‘Slap Day’. This is the time to punish a lover who has hurt you or betrayed you in love.

Please note, however, that this should not be done in a spirit of violence and must be fun. It is not necessary to slap anyone, but you can slap any relationship or negative feelings. This day is for singles who felt frustrated by the influx of romance and mush the week before.

Happy Slap Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages:-

It is easy to give a slap to a naughty boy but the best punishment is to ask him to marry you. Happy slap day.

If you propose to a girl during valentine’s week and she was silent then don’t think she was shy. Just hide on February 15, the slap day because you may get an answer on this day. Happy Slap Day.

Just hide on February 15th, the slap day because you may get the answer on this day. Happy Slap day .

Look at yourself in the mirror
And slap yourself hard.
And you will realize the
pain you had given me throughout. Happy Slap Day.

A slap is the best medicine that
may be used to remove the
madness of love from a boy’s mind. Happy Slap Day.

Today Is Slap Day.
If Ever I Was Angry With U Or
Misbehaved You Or Hurt You.
Please Just SLAP Yourself
Its Ur Fault,
I’m Basically a GOOD person.
You know very well.