The Farmer Moved The Two-Story House Because It Was Collapsing On The Way To The Highway.

have you ever watched a house move? This one-of-a-kind work was completed by a farmer in Sangrur, Punjab. Sukhwinder Singh is 500 feet away, relocating his two-story house. Sukhwinder claims he is doing this because his home is in the way of the Delhi-Jammu-Katra Expressway.

According to Sukhwinder, the price of constructing a new house will be numerous times greater than the price of moving the house. As a result, he has made this decision. The video of the house being moved is also going viral via social media.

The House Moved 200 Feet

According to the farmer, the house was worth 1.5 crore rupees to build and will cost 40 lakhs to relocate.

Farmer Sukhwinder Singh told India Today/Aaj Tak that a friend in the village had moved his house slightly. He spoke with the artisans who took over the house move from him. The artisans are prepared. Mohammad Shahid, who worked on this project, stated that he has firsthand knowledge of it.

According to Mohammad Shahid:- “Previously, I had only moved houses by between five and ten feet. Although 500 feet is a long distance, we accepted the challenge. So far, we’ve moved houses 200 feet.”

Farmer Sukhwinder Singh, on the other hand, is pleased that the expressway will help the nation and state development. They do, however, have an allegation. One of his seed processing plants was also located on this property and had to be relocated. Furthermore, this expressway runs through their land, which makes them very sad. Sukhwinder claims to grow wheat and rice crop in his field and to have built his house there. Everything was completed in one location. However, they must now cross the expressway and proceed to the opposite side.

According to Mohammad Shahid, the house is only moved 10-12 feet in a day. It took them two months. They are optimistic that they will be able to safely relocate the house.

Many expressways are now being constructed in the country as part of the Bharatmala Project. One such expressway is now being constructed between Delhi and Jammu, passing through Haryana and Punjab before arriving in Jammu at Katra. According to Balwant Singh of India Today, this expressway will also cross through Roshanwala town in the Sangrur district. This town is home to Sukhwinder Singh. The expressway will run directly through Sukhwinder’s neighborhood. Sukhwinder stated that he owns a farm of approximately two and a half acres. His house has been constructed right on the farm.

According to Sukhwinder:- “I put my heart and soul into building this house. The construction of the house began in 2017 and was completed in 2019. It cost me approximately 1.5 crore rupees. However, this house is now approaching the expressway. The house will cost 40 lakh rupees to relocate. Many people told me that a new house would cost 40 lakhs to build. This is my ideal home. I can’t rebuild it because the compensation I received is insufficient, and inflation is rising. It has been.”

Sukhwinder claims that a huge amount of wood was applied to construct the house, which cost lakhs of rupees. He claims that if he demolishes the house and rebuilds it elsewhere, his lakhs of rupees will be squandered.