The Y Release Date, Star Cast, Plot, Genre, Trailer

The planned Hindi film “The Y” will mark the directorial debut of Kannada director and writer Girideva Raaj, who attracted the attention of Bollywood producers with his 2016 Kannada film Zero: Made In India.

The Y, billed as a psychological thriller, is made by Madhu GM and Dr. Ajith under the Rockets Films label. After its Mumbai premiere, the movie received a lot of positive feedback from celebs.

The Y Star Cast & Makers

Leonilla Shwetha D’Souza, a young and talented actress from Mangalore, makes her acting debut in this movie. She earlier made an appearance in the Hindi album “Ab Kuch Aisa,” which was produced by Joel Rebello and directed by Chethak Kulal. She portrays Deeksha Dee, the protagonist character, in the upcoming movie.

Actor Yuvan Hariharan will play the spouse of Deeksha in the movie The Y. In addition to the main performers, Kamal Ghimiray also has a significant part in the movie. After “Zero: Made In India,” this will be their second collaboration. The other two actors in the movie are Abhinava Kiran and Prithal Uday Pawar.

With Karthik Mallur serving as the cinematographer and Vinod Basavaraj serving as the editor, the mystery thriller features a talented crew of artisans. The Maru Brothers and Christopher Jayson are responsible for the film’s original music and score, respectively.

The Y Release Date & Trailer

It has officially been established that the movie will be released in November 2022, even if the official release date has not yet been announced by the film’s creators.

On Rajshri’s official YouTube channel, the movie’s trailer is available. Leonilla is introduced as Deeksha Dee, who became silent as a result of a terrible occurrence. After being married, she and her husband moved into a new home to start a new chapter in their lives. However, they soon encountered a problem neither of them had anticipated.

The Deeksha encounter unexplained occurrences in their new home after receiving a brand-new present from an unknown source; as a result, their daily lives become their worst nightmare. The key to the tale is how the two manage to solve the puzzle of what transpires to them after a spirit visits their home with that gift.