Top 10 Highest Texpayers Actors Akshay Kumar to Deepika Padukone in 2023

In Bollywood mostly every actor is a taxpayer but some of them paid the highest tex to the government every year. Bollywood personalities earn insane amounts of money as the scions and directors of one of the world’s largest film industries.

It is only natural that with their mind-boggling reserves of income, they pay equally mind-boggling amounts in taxes—amounts that are certain to overwhelm the common man.

1- Akshay Kumar


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Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood actor, is always doing something that makes headlines. This time, his name is also being discussed. Actually, Akshay is preoccupied with a number of projects these days; when one of his films is not released, he is preoccupied with the promotion or filming of another.

Today, actor Akshay Kumar, nicknamed the “hit machine” of Bollywood, has proven to be the number one (Highest Taxpayer Actor Of 2022) in terms of filing taxes. In fact, he has been the highest taxpayer for the last five years, and he was at the forefront of paying taxes in the entertainment industry this time as well.

Akshay has received a ‘letter of honor’ from the Income Tax Department. According to the information received, his team received this letter from Akshay, who is currently filming his upcoming film with Tinu Desai in the United Kingdom.

Now let inform you that Akshay Kumar is the highest-taxed actor in Hollywood. Simultaneously, the Income Tax Department has now issued a letter of honour to Akshay Kumar, and as a result, Akshay Kumar has once again become a role model for everyone. At the moment, a photo of Akshay’s letter of honour is also going viral on social media, as are his discussions.

he has paid a tax of 29.5 crores this time, while Akshay Kumar is currently in the United Kingdom filming Tinu Desai’s upcoming film. In fact, he is currently filming Jaswant Singh’s biopic in England. According to reports, Akshay will visit India in the first week of August and then promote his film Rakshabandhan.

2- Rajinikanth


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Rajinikanth, a superstar actor from the South, was recognized this year by the state’s income tax office for being one of the best and fastest taxpayers in the nation.

Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth, daughter of Rajinikanth, accepted the honor on her father’s behalf, and Telangana Governor Tamilsai Soundararajan delivered the award at a ceremony on Sunday.

Aishwarya uploaded a photo of herself after the occasion with the caption, “Proud daughter of a high and prompt taxpayer,” in which she was presented with the honor by the state’s governor. On behalf of my father, I would like to thank the income tax departments in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry for honouring my pa on Income Tax Day in 2022.



3- Amitabh Bachchan

The Big B of Bollywood has a personality that is out of this world, and his incredible aura extends both off-screen and into his financial situation. In addition to appearing in TV ads and movies, the actor hosts a well-liked reality series, which helps him fill his bank account to the brim. It makes sense that he is the greatest taxpayer in Bollywood; estimates indicate that he paid 70 crores in taxes for the fiscal year 2018–19.

4- Salman Khan

His muscular on-screen appearance and humanitarian off-screen persona have won him millions of adoring followers. Salman earns more than enough money from his movies, commercials, and regular television appearances, and he pays the government 44 crores in taxes each year.

5- Kapil Sharma


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The Comedy King may be a recent addition to the list of famous people who pay exorbitant sums of taxes, but Kapil Sharma’s prospects of making history as a taxpayer are unaffected by this. Sharma is on par with any hotshot Bollywood celebrity in his tax payments thanks to his wildly popular television show, which every weekend has the entire country in fits of laughter. With around Rs 23.9 crores in tax payments, Kapil Sharma certainly relies more on his exceptional comedic timing than his stardom in Bollywood to top the list.

6- Hrithik Roshan

This star once paid an advance tax of 80 crores. Even as a taxpayer, Hrithik makes a difference with his contribution. He gives the government over 25.5 crores in taxes each year. With both his beautiful looks and his wealth, he certainly knows how to make fans swoon.

7- Shah Rukh Khan


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The Badshah of Bollywood has attracted audiences and critics alike with both his on-screen presence and his business endeavors. Shah Rukh is among the top 5 actors who pay the highest taxes, with an estimated tax payment of 22 crores. One of the wealthiest actors in this business is SRK.

8- Ranbir Kapoor

The son of famous Bollywood Neetu Kapoor and Late actor rishi Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the new generations of Bollywood stars who have taken the tinsel world by storm.

Ranbir Kapoor has dominated the silver screen with panache thanks to his impressive acting abilities and his enormous influence as a youth icon and new-generation heartthrob, all while continuing to serve as the consistent face of numerous well-known companies’ commercials.

Junior Kapoor is one of the highest taxpayers in and of Bollywood with current tax payments of 22.3 crores in Indian rupees compared to roughly 16 crores a few years ago.

9- Aamir Khan


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Being the perfectionist that he is, Aamir Khan is exceedingly picky about the movies he chooses to make and the many other things he works on. However, the films he does produce are usually in a class of their own and are thus all box office successes.

Even with limited movie releases, Aamir Khan manages to maintain his famous status through tax payments of roughly Rs 14 crores.

10- Karan Johar


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There may not be a hat that eminent Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar hasn’t worn, and this is evident in spades in both his profits and, therefore, his tax payments.

Johar has made wise decisions and actions that have always paid off very well, whether he was producing or directing, hosting a talk show or judging a reality competition, working in business, or making movies. According to sources, Johar has paid a total of about 11 crores in taxes.

You know Deepika is also the highest Tax paid actor and she is in the 11th number on this list.

11- Deepika Padukone

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is right behind Karan Johar in terms of receiving sizable payments. For a while now, Padukone has held everyone in Bollywood spellbound with her talent and personality, delivering action-packed performances and beautiful movements with elan.

Padukone earns enough money thanks to her several big movies and regular appearances in the national media to be required to pay more than Rs 10 crores in taxes.