Top List of Oscar Winning Animated Movies

For some years the quality of animation is going so high and many directors and producers making good animated movies. These movies were liked so much by movie fans. Some animated movies win the Oscar Awards because of their story and the quality of animation. If you are a fan of animated movies and looking best movies then you are in the right place because we are sure you missed some movies to watch on their list which we are sharing with you.

Yeah, these movies are also very good for children.  Mostly every child like to watch these types of movies. Now just watch and enjoy these movies. We are also sharing with you the trailer and a little story about the movies, By which you can select the best movie according to your likeness.

1- happy feet:-

Mumble, a young emperor penguin, is a bit different. He isn’t able to sing like other penguins, but Mumble is a pro at valve dancing. Although Mumble’s curiosity may raise some eyebrows, his mom acknowledges his singularity and his father will only wish for the most stylish.

In the end, this kind of aristocratic penguin has been known for its gorgeous voices, but not for its dance moves. When Mumble is trying to make himself at home and be a part of the gorgeous Gloria, a female penguin with a beautiful singing voice sets off on a lengthy hunt for Tone-discovery in the frozen regions of Antarctica to discover his true mission and purpose in his life.

2- Brave:-

This film features princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) an aspiring sportswoman and a shrewd daughter to Queen Elinor (Dame Emma Thompson). Merida takes a risk that leads to unintended dangers and prompts her to jump into action to make sure that the effects are in the right place.

3- Shrek:-

Once there was a time when in a vast swamp, there was an ogre called Shrek his solitary bliss is suddenly destroyed with the appearance of unruly puck-tale characters.

All of them were exiled from their homes by the devil Lord Farquaad. Determined to protect their home, not to mention his — Shrek makes a deal with Farquaad and plans to bring Princess Fiona to become Farquaad’s bridegroom. The process of delivering the princess could be nothing when compared to her dark hidden, dark secrets.

4- Frozen:-

In the event that their home is stuck in perpetual downtime, Anna is joined by Wayfarer Kristoff along with his red-headed apprentice to search for Anna’s family members, Snow Queen Elsa, and break her spell of ice.

While their epic journey brings them into trouble with mystical pixies and an erupting snowman, brutal conditions, and magic everywhere, Anna and Kristoff bravely continue to race to rescue their region from the chilling grip of winter.

5- toy story 4:-

The moment a brand newly released toy called”Forky” is added to Woody and the rest of the group and they travel together, a trip along both new and old musketeers will show how large the world can be for toys.

6- Zootopia:-

From the largest giant to the smallest of fury The megacity is Zootopia is a stunning city where all living creatures are peacefully living together. Determined to show that she is worthy, Judy Hopps becomes the first official bunny for the police force.

When 14 bloodsucker animals disappear, Judy incontinently takes the case. Working with a smooth-talking Fox known as Nick Wilde, Judy must gather all the clues regarding where the bloodsuckers are, and who’s behind them all.

7- big hero 6:-

The robot sensation Hiro is a resident of the city of San Fransokyo. Alongside his elderly family members, Tadashi Hiro’s best friend is Baymax which is a robot the sole function is to look after people.

A devastating turn of events puts Hiro in being caught in the middle of a perilous plot He transforms Baymax along with his fellow Musketeers Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred into a group that includes high-tech iconography.

8- The Incredibles:-

In this highly-acclaimed Pixar animation, the wedded superheroesMr. Inconceivable and Elastigirl are forced to live an ordinary life like Bob as well as Helen Parr after all super-powered conditioning is outlawed by the government.

Although Mr. Inconceivable is a lover of his wife and kids, he wants to be back in a world filled with adventure. He is able to do so when he is summoned to an island for battle with an out-of-control robot. Soon it’s clear that Mr. Inconceivable finds himself facing danger and it’s on his family members to save him.

9- Coco:-

An eager young guitar player whose family has a classic dislike for music sets out to figure out the truth about his great Forefather which will lead him to his entry into Tierra De Muertos, where everyone who dies gets to live as long as they’re remembered.

The boy will not only uncover the family’s history and history but also bring him to a surprising real-life story in this Disney story of death, love, death, and music, as well as treason and most importantly, Family.

10- Finding Nemo:-

A young clownfish known as Nemo has been captured by marine divers in the ocean and brought to a dental clinic in the city of a thousand people called Sydney Harbour! Marlon, Nemos father is going on a journey to help recoup Nemo and return him to his home.

Marlon encounters a numb and forgetful fish named Dory who is trying to assist Marlon in his quest. Nemo along with others in the tank plan an escape to get back into the fresh, open water.

11- inside out:-

A young woman named Riley is snatched away out of the comforts of her Midwestern life and is transferred to the bustling chaos of San Francisco, her feelings include Sadness, Wrathfulness Fear, Disgust, and (her most significant emotional state) Joy, start to diverge on the best way to cope with this drastic change. This causes issues within Headquarters which is the main office and living space for the five emotions.

However, an accident that involves Riley’s happy memories changes her outlook on life. Joy and Sadness require to locate their memories and return them to Headquarters in time before they’re too late.

12- Soul:-

After being offered an extension the New York jazz pianist suddenly is trapped in a bizarre world that lies between Earth as well as the death of his soul.

13- Rango:-

A family traverses the desert on a car with their lizard, which is in an enclosure. The driver is required to make move quickly to avoid an accident, and the terrarium falls off of the vehicle and onto the road.

The female lizard Sap offers a ride to the lizard on his way to an old city in the west known as Dirt and then he walks to the bar in order for a drink. The lizard with the brash personality tells his friends that he’s the dangerous gunman known as Rango and the enthralled locals are convinced that Rango is a god and ask him to become the sheriff.

Sooner or later, Rango discovers that water is not flowing in the city, and the Major is exhibiting a suspicious gesture. When the wicked Rattlesnake Jake is discovered within the city Rango believes that the man is uncool and resigns from his post. He walks away and then his Spirit that is the West makes his return to fight for those who believed in him.

14- Toy Story 3:-

Andy is now 17 and is ready for a trip to the council which leaves Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and the rest of the toy-box crew to consider their uncertain future.

If the toys were inadvertently donated to the Sunnyside Daycare, they initially are thrilled to once again play with it, however, their excitement swiftly changes to fear when they realize the real nature of the facility with the deceitfully drinking”Lotso” Bear.

All of the toys have to band together in a last insane plan to get out of their shackles and return home to Andy.

15- Wallace & Gromit:-

Wallace and his doggie, a pious one, Gromit, set out to find out the reason for the theater sabotage that is threatening their vill the weekly giant vegetable gardening contest.

16- Up:-

Determined to save his home and fulfill the commitment that he made to his lady and partner Carl Fredricksen embarks on a journey to the enigmatic Paradise Falls in an airship that he has invented. On the way, he meets his young hero, bonds with a boy who is no father, and discovers the value of his life and the bone he is now living on.

17- Ratatouille:-

Remy an ogre with a terrible nose, is a snobby scrap of food and has a prank on death to get into a mortal kitchen, where he finds real food and the dishes of the five-star cook Anton Gusteau, author of”Anyone can cook”. The day Remy finds out that his idol is not successful to meet his standards, he is evicted and winds with a lonely life in Paris.

In the course of luck, he finds Gasteau’s restaurant which is rated three stars and managed by a frozen food-peddling cook. When Remy arrives and leaves, as does Linguini who is a rough-shod youth who is employed as a scrap kid. To stop the haze Linguini has a chance to foul, Remy, throws in certain constituents. The fog is a hit and Linguini’s future as a chef is established.

18- Wall-e:-

WALL-E, abbreviated to mean Waste Allocation Cargo Lifter Earth category, is the final robot on Earth. He is a tireless worker, cleaning the earth one scrap piece at a time. However, over the course of 700 times, the character has developed an identity and is more than lonely.

Additionally, he sees Dusk which is a smooth and curvaceous query that has been returned to Earth via a scanning charge. The enthralled WALL-E sets off on his most thrilling adventure to date as he follows Dusk across the globe.

19- Spirited away:-

A tale of the amazing adventures of a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro who uncovers an undiscovered world when she and her family are lost and travel through an underground hillside cavern.

After her parents undergo an unexplained metamorphosis, Chihiro has to fight for her own survival as she confronts strange creatures as well as a variety of brutes and an angry witch who wants to save her from going back to the world of mortals.

20- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:-

Teen Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his macrocosm. He must team up with five other spider-powered individuals from other realms in order to end the chaos that exists in all reality.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who are the brains who created The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street have brought their unique twists to a new vision of a new Spider-Man Universe, with an innovative visual style that’s unique in its genre.

” Spider-Man (TM) Into the Spider-Verse” introduces Brooklyn teenager Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) and the infinite potential of Spider-Verse that extends beyond you can take on the role of Spider-Man.