Vedaant Breaks national junior swimming record- R Madhavan Celebrating This Day

Vedaant Madhavan, who is still in his teens, has already carved out a distinct identity for himself that has little to do with his famous father or the world of cinema.

Vedaant has emerged as one of India’s brightest prospects in the sport of swimming over the last few years, earning India numerous accolades on the international stage.

Madhavan is enjoying his son’s glory. The age at which the other children of the celebrity are traveling the globe and pursuing their interests, while the actor’s kid is boosting the value of the nation by breaking records on a daily basis. R Madhavan recently uploaded a video of his son to social media.

Vedanta is seen swimming in the video. When the commentators announce that 16 minutes have passed, you can hear it in the video. Of the Advaita page, he covered 780 m. The benchmark has been surpassed.

On social media, R Madhavan’s article is going viral. The sons of all actors are receiving a lot of admiration and congrats. Through the actor’s post, fans are continuously thanking Vedant.

R Madhavan said in an interview-” Vedaant has been winning swimming championships all across the world and making us very proud. His chosen vocation is far more important to me than my own career,” R Madhavan, often popularly called Maddy, said in an interview.”

Also Know about Vedaant

R Madhavan and his wife Sarita Birje, an Austrian fashion designer with her own clothing brand, welcomed Vedaant Madhavan into the world on August 21, 2005, in Mumbai.

Vedanta has already raised his pika’s head in a brazen manner. He already has a large number of records to his credit. Vedanta earned a gold medal in a competition, which took place in April as well. Madhavan revealed the facts by disseminating the message on social media. He acknowledged his joy.

In India, famous children frequently follow in their parent’s footsteps, and it’s quite typical to encounter young performers or filmmakers who are the offspring of well-known parents.

However, Vedaant discovered another passion while attending school: swimming. Vedaant, a student at the Universal American School in Dubai, realized his passion for swimming while participating in competitions for his school and made the decision to remain with it.

To begin his professional training in the sport, he initially enrolled at Mumbai’s Goregaon Sports Club. In 2017, Vedaant switched to the Glenmark Aquatic Foundation, a CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiative with the goal of elevating Indian competitive swimmers to the international stage.