What is Lawn Bowls Game India Wins Gold in This Game

On Tuesday, the Indian women’s lawn bowls team made history by winning gold in the women’s fours format at the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham.

Rupa Rani Tirkey, Pinki, Nayanmoni Saikia, and Lovely Choubey won the Gold medal by defeating the South African team.

Our Indian women’s team won a gold medal in a sport that most people in their own country are unfamiliar with.

India participates in The Lawn Game

The first time the Indian Lawn Bowls team competed in the Commonwealth Games was in 2010, followed by 2014 and 2018. And the most recent best Indian women’s Lawn Bowls team was ranked fourth in 2010.

England has won the most gold medals in the game thus far, followed by Australia and South Africa with 50 and 44 medals, respectively, and England has won 51 trophies in total in Commonwealth Games.

When the Indian team wins a gold medal in this game, more and more young children will be inspired to pursue this sport, and India will not only win one but so many medals will win in the future.

What is Lawn Bowls Game

Bowls are perfectly circular ball-like objects made of wood, rubber, or occasionally plastic resin, with flattened sides and a diameter ranging from 112mm to 134mm. The bowls can weigh up to 1.59kg and have indentations on them to help players grip better.

The players are placed on either side of a 600mm long and 360mm wide mat and take turns moving these bowls in an apparent effort to get the closest to the jack, which is sometimes white or yellow in color and is lighter and smaller than the bowl.

How to play Lawn Bowls Game

The first bowler in the fours event is started calling the lead, followed by the second and third. The last bowler is known as the’skip,’ and he or she is the team’s leader. Each member of the team gets two bowls per round, and the teams switch sides once all eight bowlers have bowled 2 times.

And at the end of each game round, points are awarded to the teams whose bowls are closest to the skip, and each match concludes after 15 rounds, with the team with the most points winning the game.