What is Lumpy Skin Disease? Symptoms, Treatment And Viral Photo

In multiple states and UTs across the nation, Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has been related to numerous animal deaths, which has caused grave worry. In 165 districts across the 12 States of the nation, it has infected over 11.25 lakh cattle and resulted in close to 50,000 fatalities.

A heartbreaking image of a field of dead victims in the desert from Rajasthan’s Bikaner has surfaced amid Lumpi’s destruction. The terrible images are from Bikaner’s Jodbid landfill, where it is alleged that thousands of cow carcasses are scattered out over a 5-kilometer span.

According to Bikaner’s statistics, Lumpi is in charge of more than 6,000 cows in just the city of Bikaner. Following the image’s virality, the Municipal Corporation acted. According to the corporation, every year a contract is awarded to remove dead animal corpses, but at the moment there are no workers available due to Ramdebra and Punsar Mela, so there is no need for skinning.

What is Lumpy Skin Disease?

LSD, also known as lumpy skin disease, is a new danger to animals. It is brought on by the Lumpy Skin Disease Virus (LSDV), a member of the genus Capripoxvirus and family Poxviridae. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, the other two virus species in this genus are the sheeppox and goatpox viruses.

Symptoms And Treatment

The poxviridae virus, commonly known as the Neethling virus, is what causes the contagious illness. Basic symptoms of the sickness in cattle include enlarged lymph nodes, bumpy skin, and difficulty moving. Other symptoms include fever, eye and nasal discharge, excessive salivation, decreased milk production, etc.

To protect cattle against Lumpy Skin Disease, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmer Narendra Singh Tomar unveiled the Indegenous Lumpi-ProVac vaccine on August 10, 2022. The vaccine is jointly made by the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Izzatnagar, Bareilly, and the National Equine Research Centre in Hisar, Haryana.

People Can’t be Infected With LSD

According to medical experts, even if humans come into contact with such cattle, the disease does not spread to them; however, even if an animal is cured of its illness, the virus can still impair the milk it produces.