Who is Ashok Aliseril Thamarksan and How Built His Own 4 Seater Aircraft ?

Ashok Aliseril Thamarksan, a mechanical engineer by trade from Kerala who now resides in the United Kingdom, is in the news these days for using the shutdown to construct an aircraft that he used to travel to various locations with his family.

He finished his mechanical engineering degree at NSS Engineering College in Palakkad. Ashok is the son of an RSP politician and former MLA A. V. Thamarashan. He sifted to the US in 2006 and is currently employed by Ford.

Inspiration to Built Aircraft

According to Ashok, he previously rented two-seater aircraft for his travels but later realized he needed a four-seater aircraft because he has a family of four and they must fly together in a four-seater aircraft.

He mentioned that four-seater aircraft are difficult to find and that those he did find were old. This inspired him to research the development of a four-seater aircraft, which he built during the lockdown.

How Ashok Built Aircraft

Thamarakshan attended the launch celebration of the Sling TSI of Sling Aircraft in Johannesburg in order to begin building the Aircraft. He began building his dream aircraft from scratch in 2018 after taking inspiration from the event.

During his research, he discovered that several aircraft pieces were already in existence; all he needed to do was put them together to create his ideal four-seater aircraft.

Aircraft Cost

According to Ashok, purchasing a new aircraft would have cost him between 5 and 6 crores of rupees, but because he built the aircraft himself, the final cost of manufacturing was just 1,40,000 euros or roughly 1.4 crores of Indian rupees, and the project was finished in 1,500 hours.

Thamarakshan Dubey held a pilot’s license and worked on the aircraft in his garden shed. He and his wife Abhilasha Dubey began saving money after the initial COVID-19 shutdown in order to realize their ambition.

Ashok Traveled with his Aircraft

Ashok has taken countless trips with his family and friends, traveled to many different cities all around the UK, and visited Germany and Austria. He and his family are currently in Alappuzha, and he wants to fly his own aircraft all the way to India.

Aircraft Name

In honour of his daughter Diya and the G country code, he gave the plane the name G-Diya. Ashok and two of his friends traveled to France, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic after receiving authorization to fly. The aircraft has flown for 86 hours.

Ashok mentioned that he will plan on making more trips after returning to the United Kingdom with his family.