Why Does Salman Khan Wear The Blue Bracelet

Bollywood star Salman Khan remains a topic of discussion along with his movies as well as high standard life, helping people and his personal things.

One such personal thing about Salman Khan is a blue bracelet, which he has been wearing continuously since the beginning of his acting career.

Many fans are also very excited to know the reason behind wearing this blue bracelet of Salman Khan.

a few years ago during an event, one such fan had asked Salman about his bracelet, and in response, the actor said that “My dad always wears this it looks so cool on his hands, and in childhood, I used to play with the bracelet worn in his hand, but when I started my career, my father gifted it to me. This blue stone is called Firoza”

Salman further said about this blue stone “Apparently, there are only two living stones named Akid and a turquoise. It is turquoise and if any negativity is coming on you then first of all it takes it on itself, due to negativity these stone veins get frozen and then cracks occur. This is my seventh stone.”

His father Salim Khan also wears another similar bracelet in his hand. According to some reports, the price of the blue turquoise bracelet worn by Salman Khan is around 80.3 Thousand rupees.

Some people believe that Salman Khan gifted a similar bracelet to Aamir Khan on the occasion of Eid because Aamir can often be seen wearing a matching bracelet.

According to some reports, this stone was discovered in the Turkish area between the 15th and 16th AD and according to astrologers, it helps a lot in joy, luck, money, good health, understanding, optimistic thinking, and decision-making.

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Salman Khan blue bracelet FAQs

Q. Who gifted the blue bracelet to Salman Khan?

A. Salman Khan was given the first blue bracelet by his father Salim Khan at the beginning of his acting career but later on broken, Salman takes a new one and has changed seven bracelets so far.

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