World AIDS Day 2022- Quotes { Latest }

World AIDS Day every year is celebrated on 1 December and the first time created this day was on 1 December 1988. The main aim to celebrate AIDS day is to educate people about HIV and the protection against the HIV virus. 

On this day many health organizations organize events to educate people about HIV. According to the source, 36.7 million people are affected by this virus and Aids killed 27.2 million people worldwide. 

World AIDS day Quotes

AIDS can’t be spread by a hug, a handshake, or a meal shared with a friend.

HIV doesn’t make someone dangerous, so you can give them a hug.

HIV positive does not necessarily mean you will die before anyone else who has HIV.

I was so fed up with AIDS that I stopped doing any AIDS work for a few years. I was angry that people still got this disease that no one can cure. You have to get it.

If we don’t respond with all our energy and resources to the fight against HIV/AIDS, history will certainly judge us harshly.

AIDS is a subject of incredible stigma.

AIDS can ruin a family if it is allowed to. But my sister and I were taught by Mom to persevere. Never give up. Be proud of who and what you do.

While it is terrible that so many people are dying from AIDS, ignorance should not be allowed to take its place.

AIDS forces people to consider sex as having the most serious consequences: suicide. Or murder.

This is the most researched disease in medical history. HIV is the cause of AIDS.

Your voice can be a powerful weapon for creating beautiful Earth, without AIDS.