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World Cancer Day, which is observed on February 4, raises awareness about cancer and encourages its prevention, detection, and treatment.

World Cancer Day was created at the World Cancer Summit Against Cancer For the New Millenium in Paris.

The Charter of Paris Against Cancer was established to promote research and prevent cancer. It was also signed by the then General Director of UNESCO and Koichiro Moratsuura at the Summit.

The Union for International Cancer Control is leading World Cancer Day to support the World Cancer Declaration. It was created in 2008 and led by the Union for International Cancer Control. World Cancer Day’s primary objective is to reduce cancer-related deaths and illnesses. It also provides an opportunity for the international community to unite to eliminate the injustice of cancer prevention. The United Nations observes the day.

World Cancer Day targets misinformation and raises awareness. To show support to those who are affected by cancer, there are multiple initiatives that are held on World Cancer Day.

One such movement is #NoHairSelfie. This global movement requires that participants shave their heads physically or virtually to act as a symbol of courage to those who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Social media then shares images of participants. There are hundreds of other events all over the globe.