World Civil Defence day 2022- History, Aim, Quotes and more

World Civil Defence day is celebrated every year on 1 March all over the world. 

About World Civil Defence 

The world Civil Defence Organisation is an intergovernmental association with the ideal to contribute to the development by States of structures icing the protection and help of population and securing property and the terrain from natural or man-made disasters.

The International Civil Defence Organisation was created in 1931. It has 57 member countries, 18 viewer countries, and 23 related members.

The origin of ICDO dates back to 1931. It was in Paris that the French Surgeon-General George Saint-Paul innovated the Association of Geneva Zones, from which the present International Civil Defence Organisation began.

Wishes and Quotes for World Civil Defence day

1- On this auspicious occasion of World Civil Defence Day, let us all join our hands together to protect ourselves


2- Let us all together thank the National Service for the immense efforts that they have put into the protection of the nation’s citizens


3- Finding the solution to get ourselves out of the devastating situation is all that World Civil Defence Day stands for


4- Plan ahead, and stay aware of all the possible dangers. Wishing everyone an aware Civil Defence Day


5- On this occasion of World Civil Defence Day, work for increasing your knowledge of self-protection and preparedness


6- it a disease, or a disaster, everyone has the right to be aware of it


7- Be clever, be safe, and most importantly, BE AWARE


8- Prepare through education rather than learning from a tragedy


9- Be careful and our your hands together in saving lives, just by being aware of our own parts


10- Celebrate this World Civil Defence Day with everyone by taking an initiative to inform the world about the ways to protect not only their lives but of their loved ones too


11- To ensure that a good amount of information sharing is there between the authorities


12- To take part in informing the public to generate awareness among the commoners


13- To initiate and implement training programs for proper coordination when in need


14- To keep oneself updated on the medical resources available and also the national civil protection capabilities