World Egg Day 2022- { Wishes and Quotes } Latest

This year we all celebrate world egg day on 14 October 2022. World egg day every year is celebrated on the second Friday of October and this day first time created in 1996. 

The main aim of World Egg day is to show the power of eggs and educate the people about benefits of eggs. 

On this day all over the world, many egg industries organize the events of eggs and many peoples celebrate World egg day on Social media. 

World egg day wishes and quotes:

it’s International Egg Day. Include eggs in your everyday diet and unlock the gateway to breathing a healthy life.


Happy World Egg Day. Eat eggs as they are an excellent source of energy and be active.


If you have eggs in your fridge, you know you are always sorted because you have healthy food options to keep your tummy full and taste buds happy. Happy World Egg Day to you.


The best thing about eggs is that you can cook them the way you want it and experiment with them to create dishes that promise a wholesome meal. Best wishes on World Egg Day.


Make your life pleasant by admiring eggs, having eggs, and savouring eggs. Happy World Egg Day.


Eggs are a precious source of protein, healthy for bones and the brain, and rich in Omega-3. Wishing you all a wonderful Egg Day.


On World Egg Day, we praise the honesty that eggs produce into our times and the joy they settled on our features with their excellent flavour. Happy World Egg Day.


On World Egg Day, we celebrate the goodness that eggs bring into our lives and the happiness they spread on our faces with their superb taste. Happy World Egg Day.


They make the quickest, tastiest and healthiest breakfast. They are the cute little eggs that we all love. warm wishes to you on World Egg Day.