World Mosquito day 2022- History, Date, Quotes {latest}

World Mosquito day every year is celebrated on 20 August. British Doctor Roland Ross Discovers the female anopheline mosquitoes. Female anopheline mosquitoes are very dangerous for humans because of transmit Malira to the human body.  

Every year 219 million people are affected by malaria and 0.7 million (7 Lakh) people died from it. The main of World mosquito day is to educate all people about Malaria and mosquito also how to care for and save from Malaria. 


World Mosquito Day quotes:-

The Main Purpose Of This Day Is To Spread The Education About Mosquitoes To Every Man And Woman So That Every Individual Can Help Fight The Breeding Of These Creatures In Whatever Way They Can. Have A Safe World Mosquito Day Everyone!


The smallest of the mosquito has the power to infect our bodies. Never take anything small so light and always prepare to fight such infections with stronger immunity. Happy World Mosquito Day.


Never compromise with the health of your family or your own health. So stay clean, keep your surroundings clean and never give up in the fight against mosquitoes. Happy World Mosquito Day!


A nation can progress only when the population is healthy and the population can stay healthy with combined efforts to fight dirt and mosquitoes. Let us join our hands to work for cleanliness.


Mosquitoes emerge from the dirt. Let us promise to keep our surroundings and city clean so that we can fight diseases spread by mosquitoes. Warm wishes on World Mosquito Day to you.


Health is wealth. I pray to God to keep you and your family safe and healthy from mosquitoes. On World Mosquito Day, I pray for your well-being and stronger immunity.


Here’s to inviting volunteers to campaign in spreading awareness about mosquitoes and the diseases that they cause and also wishing everyone a very Happy World Mosquito Day.


Impatiently Waiting For A World Free Of Mosquitoes And Also Appreciating All The Discoveries And Research About The Diseases Caused By Them And Their Prevention. Have A Happy World Mosquito Day.


Mosquitoes Breed In Dirt And Waterlogged Pits And The More The Number Of Mosquitoes, The More Number Of People Affected By The Diseases That They Cause. So Keeping In Mind The Ways To Cut Down On The Breeding Of Mosquitoes, Let Us Wish Everyone A Very Happy World Mosquito Day.