World Pharmacists Day 2022 Theme, Significance, History

The 25th of September is designated each year as World Pharmacists Day. This holiday is held in honour of all pharmacists who provide compassionate care to their patients.

Pharmacists are medical professionals who formulate, prepare, store, and administer pharmaceuticals. They are also referred to as chemists or druggists. Pharmacists offer guidance and counselling on the best ways to utilise medications to get the most benefit, experience the fewest adverse effects, and prevent drug interactions.

The purpose of World Pharmacists Day is to honour all pharmacists who give of themselves in their vocation. This holiday is held in honour of all the devoted pharmacists who work long hours and treat customers with love and candour.

World Pharmacists Day Theme

The International Pharmaceutical Federation Council has chosen “Pharmacy united in action for a healthy world” as the theme for World Pharmacists Day in 2022. This theme seeks to highlight the beneficial effects of pharmacy on health.

Significance Of World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day is observed to honour the contributions made by pharmacists all across the world. For the common goal of greater health, pharmacists collaborate with patients, medical professionals, other scientists, and legislators.

The majority of people worldwide prefer to visit a pharmacist before a doctor. This may be due to the fact that pharmacies all over the world offer high-quality, cost-effective medications. People frequently prefer visiting a pharmacist first for ailments like cough, cold, flu, fever, upset stomach, or sore throat. Simply thanking all of these dedicated individuals would be appropriate.

World Pharmacists Day History

In 2009, the International Pharmaceutical Federation Council established World Pharmacists Day in Istanbul, Turkey. The International Pharmaceutical Federation Council decided to observe World Pharmacists Day on September 25.

The International Pharmaceutical Federation was first founded on September 25, 1912, which is why September 25 was chosen.

The Turkish council members suggested declaring September 25 as World Pharmacists Day in honour of the day The International Pharmaceutical Federation was founded.