World Photography Day 2022 – History, Aim, Theme, Quotes, Wishes and more

World Photography Day every year is celebrated on 19 August. This day memorializes the history of photography as well as the continuous growth in current photographic trends. This day is significant because it memorializes the stories captured in photographs.

History of World Photography Day

Photography Day history
Photography Day history

In the year 1837, two Frenchmen named Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce invented a photographic process that they named ‘Daguerreotype.’

The daguerreotype was an immediate success because it provided a relatively cheap and reliable way of representing action sequences and faces that had previously had to be drawn or coloured by hand. Photographic studios sprang up all over the world in record time.

The French Academy of Sciences revealed this process on January 9, 1839, and later the French government decided to purchase the patent for the innovation and gave it as a gift, “free to the world,” and the first durable coloured photograph was captured in 1861.

World Photography Day Significant

Photography Day Significant
Photography Day Significant

World Photography Day is important because it is a day devoted specifically to photography. A photograph can capture hundreds of emotions and memories, and every photographer evolves their style and recognizes their niche over time.

Photography can quickly capture expressions, emotions, and moments and memorialize them for new generations to see. Photography has had a significant impact across the whole of human history; we now recognize how individuals looked 100 years ago because every one of those historic moments was captured in photographs and can be viewed indefinitely.

World Photography Day Theme

“Pandemic Lockdown through the Lens” is the theme of World Photography Day 2022. these days we all have cameras on our phones and we don’t actually realize how special we are. We can capture every moment and preserve it for future generations.

World Photography Day Celebration

Photography is an art form that can be mastered with practice. A person with creative knowledge can easily outperform a person with scientific skills and artistic instincts.

This concept is central to celebrations all over the world. On this day, expert photographers in various fields, as well as creative photographers, are honoured.

And we don’t even understand how a photograph can make us happy.

World Photography Day Quotes and Wishes:-

:- A photograph is the pause button of life.

:- Wishing you a very Happy World Photography Day. Click to capture the moments, click to save them as a memory of your life.

:- The best way to express our feelings is with a photograph. Happy World Photography Day

:- Photography is a pretty simple skill, just reacting to what you see and clicking a lot of pictures.

:- A photograph has the power to explain what even words fail to explain. Have a wonderful World Photography Day.

:- In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.

:- The way that light hits objects in life, three-dimensional objects before you photograph them is really the story of photography.

:- When you start looking at the world through the lens, you start seeing a completely different world. Wishing you a very Happy World Photography Day.

:- My favorite photograph of mine is the one which I’m going to take tomorrow.

:- Photographs are loved by all as they bring back lost memories and touch us deep in our hearts. Warm greetings on World Photography Day.

:- Photography takes an instant from a time frame and alters life by holding it still.

:- It is the same camera, same lens but it depends on which hand it is because that will decide how unique the photograph will be. Happy World Photography Day.

:- You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

:- A photograph is a secret about other secrets, the more it tells, the less we know.

:- Some people like to click photographs but some people like to be in the photograph. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Photography Day.

:- Only photograph what you love, and the world will be a beautiful place to live.

:- Photographers have the power to make ordinary people look so extra-ordinary just by using their lenses. Warm wishes on World Photography Day.