World Pneumonia Day 2022- History, Aim and Quotes { Latest }

World Pneumonia Day (12 November) is celebrated annually to raise awareness about the disease. The first celebration took place in 2009.

India has 23 percent of all pneumonia cases worldwide. The rates of case fatalities vary from 14 to 30 percent.

Pneumonia refers to an infection of the lungs. While most pneumonia is caused due to bacterial infection, viruses like influenza and COVID 19 can also cause damage. This is evident in the current pandemic.

The main factors that cause pneumonia are smoking, alcohol, and low immunity.

You should see a doctor if you experience symptoms such as high-grade fever with or without chills, a yellowish-green cough or green-colored thrush, breathlessness, chest pain, intermittent or severe coughing, loss of appetite, or feeling like you have lost your appetite.

World Pneumonia day Quotes

Let us celebrate the occasion of World Pneumonia Day by staying safe and staying healthy. Warm wishes to everyone on this day.

On the occasion of World Pneumonia Day, just wanted to remind you to keep your lungs healthy and safe from infection. A very Happy World Pneumonia Day to you.

Spread awareness about the issues related to the lungs and aim to protect your life on this day. Wish you a very happy, safe, and healthy World Pneumonia Day.

On this occasion of World Pneumonia Day keep your lungs far away from bacterial and viral infections and protect them from pneumonia. Enjoy a happy and healthy World Pneumonia Day.