World Rhino Day 2022- Quotes and more

World Rhino Day every year is celebrated on 22 September. This day is celebrated to educate the people about Rhino’s five species ( black and white) and promote saving from hunting. 

This was created by the World wildlife organization in 2010 and World Rhino day the first time celebrated in 2011.

For many years some people killing the Rhino for their horns and nowadays very few Radio exist in the world. 

They are very shy and beautiful animals, also a big part of nature we all have a responsibility to save their life. 

World Rhino day quotes:-

Don’t let rhinos become the dinosaurs.


Rhinos are endangered already and if we are not swift enough in taking measures to save them there might be no rhinoceroses left on the planet.


They have done no harm to us, so why are we harming them. Save rhinos.


Rhinoceroses are animals and they have families too. Save them and wish everyone a Happy World Rhino Day everybody!


Rhinoceroses are amazing animals and they do not deserve to die.


it is a shame that we kill rhinoceroses for their hides while forgetting completely that their lives are as precious as ours.


As humans, it is our responsibility to add more colors to their lives and not to kill them.


Look at the eyes of these creatures and if you still feel like killing them, you have no humanity in you.


It is a shame that only human beings are capable of killing innocent animals for their hides and horns. Have an awful World Rhino Day.


As the smartest animals on the planet Earth, we human beings should try to save other species of animals like rhinoceroses from being killed to extinction.


Let us make Earth a happier place for rhinos to live.


​​What is humanity if you cannot save the lives of innocent animals like rhinoceroses? Be kind and Have a Happy World Rhino Day everybody.


The number of Rhinos is decreasing and at this time and we have to save these beautiful, different, and majestic creatures of nature.


Protect rhinos today to have a better life tomorrow.


The only way to save a rhinoceros is to save the environment in which it lives because there’s a mutual dependency between it and millions of other species of both animals and plants.