World Social Media day 2022- History, Aim and more

World Social Media day every year celebrate on 30 June. First-time social Media platform created by Andrew Weinreich in 1997 and World Social Media day created by Mashable on 30 June 2010. Social media connect to different cultures and movements also people talk with each other. 

The main aim of World Social media day is to bring together all over the world. 

Every day many peoples are connecting with social media all over the world, many social media users use social media.

At this time social media become the platform of earn money and anyone can get money through social media. 

This time many apps and websites are available like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, and Uber also we can shop online, Watch any entertainment, news, go live, mostly everything we can do online. We can say this has become a part of our life.

World Social Media Quotes:-

Find your voice and share your story on social media. Say hello, spread kindness, and make a difference in the world. Happy Social Media Day.

There’s this realness to social media.  It belongs to you. It belongs to the world.  But mostly it belongs to you because you’re making it.  You can frame anything. Happy Social Media Day.

One of the positive things about social media is the impact it has on forming and studying social networks, particularly friendship networks. Happy Social Media Day.

Everyone can’t help but love everything about social media. It’s not just a trend anymore. Just as the world is moving more fast-paced, so is social media. Happy Social Media Day.

A social media app focusing on new feed content, talking about people-pleasing, popularity. Happy Social Media Day.

You can live without Facebook, but you are missing some great moments in your life.  At least that’s what people would say on social media. Happy Social Media Day.

When you’re out in the wild but have to stay connected. Happy Social Media Day.