World Standards Day 2022 History, Significance, Theme

World Standards Day, also known as the International Standards Day, is observed every year on October 14. The purpose of the day is to raise consumer, regulatory, and industry awareness of the value of standardisation.

The International Organization for Standards (ISO), International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are among the organisations recognized on this day for their accomplishments in developing voluntary standards (IEEE).

World Standards Day History & Significance

On October 3, delegates from 25 different nations came together for the first time in London in 1965. At this time, they suggested setting up an international standardizing organisation. The first World Standards Day was observed in 1970, but ISO was established the year after in 1947.

We may purchase our router from China and our smartphone from India. It’s possible that both of them have Japanese chipsets inside. But do you know why, despite being put together from various corners of the world, they all function flawlessly? The standardization of frequencies is to blame for everything.

We see exporting and importing from all over the world in a world that is rapidly globalizing, and standardization is crucial to maintaining that trade. It aids in removing any technical difficulties we might encounter while pursuing our objectives.

We are already dealing with problems like climate change that require immediate attention due to the growing global population. All of these difficulties can be overcome with the help of standardization. We can save energy and improve the quality of our water and air by using standardized concepts and procedures. As a result, the environment may be a better place to live.

The goal of World Standards Day is to make standardization essential. It pays tribute to the many scientists and professionals who contributed to making this possible.

World Standards Day 2022 Theme

To eradicate social ills like poverty, enhance people’s quality of life generally, and safeguard the environment, the UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The member nations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development endorsed the objectives in 2015.

World Standards Day 2022’s topic for this year is “Shared Vision for a Better World.”

How The World Standards Day Celebrated

Different nations observe the day in different ways. This day has a number of exhibitions in which participants come from many companies, academic fields, and the entertainment industry.

International conferences are also included in the celebration. Leaders in the business world also contribute and are recognised with awards.

Trade participants include representatives from several industries who present various ideas to advance trade and commerce.

Competitions, exhibits, supply chain standards, and other activities are examples of additional events. The “Bureau of Indian Standards” observes this day in India by hosting conferences, exhibits, and expos all around the nation.

Some Interesting Facts About World Standards Day

:- The IEC was first established in 1906. The IEC standardises all batteries, solar energy equipment, semiconductors, and fibre optics.

:- To handle the needs for industrial and commercial standards, ISO was established in 1947. More than 164 nations throughout the world host offices for the ISO.

:- ITU oversees telecommunications industry regulation. ITU standards are followed by all telecommunications systems, including mobile phones, the internet, and television networks.

:- When IEEE was founded in 1963, it governed a number of engineering specialties.

:- The standardisation of TCP/IP internet protocol regimes is handled by the IETF.

:- In Geneva, Switzerland, ISO and ITU are well-represented.