World Teachers’ Day Date, History, Significance, Theme, Activities & How To Celebrate

Every year on October 5th, the world celebrates World Teachers’ Day. Teachers have a significant part in the development of society. They are the promoters of bettering the minds of the next generation. Parents educate their children on life lessons at home, but teachers aid in their entire growth.

Everyone has a favourite teacher, and on this World Teachers’ Day, let us recognise our teachers’ altruistic contributions and hard work in creating a brighter future. They are deserving of all respect and attention, and this day serves to remind us of the value of teachers in society. It is observed globally to commemorate world educators.

World Teachers Day History

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established October 5th as World Teachers’ Day in 1994, and it has been commemorated globally since then.

This day commemorates the 1966 adoption of the ILO UNESCO Recommendation highlighting the status of teachers. This was adopted at a special intergovernmental summit in Paris.

According to the UNESCO website, “this suggestion establishes the rights and obligations of teachers, as well as international standards for their initial and continuing education, recruitment, employment, teaching and learning environments.”

Following this ratification, the UNESCO General Conference adopted the UNESCO Recommendation for the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel in 1997.

World Teachers Day Significance

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated to raise awareness of teachers’ rights and duties. It aims to examine, appreciate, and improve the standing of educators all around the world. The day also aids in dealing with the numerous concerns and obstacles that a teacher encounters.

The day brings to light several issues with teacher recruitment, training, and education. The day is significant in terms of overcoming these hurdles and marking their progress.

World Teachers’ Day also sheds emphasis on teachers’ working conditions and employment prospects around the world, as well as the ways in which they are discriminated against. This day is significant in promoting quality education for a positive future.

World Teachers Day 2022 Theme

“The change of education begins with teachers” is the topic for this year. Given that the globe is currently experiencing a serious crisis, this concept is incredibly appropriate. Teachers are genuinely at the centre of the education recovery in the midst of a pandemic.

Teachers have faced many difficulties as a result of the world being digital in COVID-19, but they have overcome them and are now stronger. Since the beginning, teachers have been observed to struggle with network problems, the inability to concentrate on the screen at once while working with so many students, and some teachers who are not very tech-savvy. These difficulties were all quite frequent.

Despite everything, the professors made sure that their students received the required instruction and attended each session individually. They were on call 24/7. The topic for this year serves as a reminder of all the efforts and contributions that the teachers made during the pandemic.

How To Celebrate World Teachers Day

The challenges that instructors had to deal with during the epidemic will be covered in a series of five-day local and international events, with the goal of identifying the measures and approaches that must be taken in order to maximise the potential of the teachers.

From October 4 to October 8, the ILO-UNESCO Committee of Experts over the Recommendations Related to Teaching Personnel will jointly host this year’s celebrations (CEART).

Here are a few suggestions on how you might observe World Teachers’ Day:

:- Call your professors to express your gratitude, or better yet, pay them a visit and bring a thoughtful gift to show them how much they mean to you.

:- Surprise your favourite teacher by throwing them a party.

:- Pay a visit to a nearby educational facility and make a donation.

:- Visit a nearby educational NGO to show your appreciation for the teachers and to thank them for their altruistic service.

In addition to this, there are many additional things you can do to show your appreciation for the instructors on this day.

Interesting Facts About World Teachers Day

:-The first Teachers’ Day took place at National Central University in China in 1931. August 27 was declared Teachers’ Day after being approved in 1932 and on the occasion of Confucius’ birthday in 1939, however, it was later discontinued in 1951. Since 1985, China has commemorated it on September 10.

:- From 1965 through 1994, Russia observed Teachers’ Day on the first Sunday in October.

:- It is observed throughout the entire week in the US on the Tuesday of the first full week in May.

:- National Teachers’ Day is observed on January 16 in Thailand.

:- On May 2nd, Iran commemorates Professor Ayatollah Morteza Motehari by observing Teacher’s Day.

:- February 28 is Teachers’ Day in Islamic nations like Oman, Syria, Libya, and the United Arab Emirates.

:- November 24 is Teachers’ Day in Turkey. On May 16, it is observed in Malaysia under the name “Hari Guru.”

:- Since 1962, September 5 has been designated as Teachers’ Day in India.

:- Every year on Teachers’ Day, the Indian government chooses the nation’s top educators and presents them with awards in their honour.