World Telecommunication Day 2023- History, Date, Aim, Quotes and more

World Telecommunication Day is observed each year on May 17 to emphasize the significance that Information and Communication Technology in the present-day world. The day is also observed to commemorate that it is the anniversary creation of the International Telecommunication Union on May 17th, 1865.

The first time the event was held was in 1969. The date was first observed in 2005, when it was announced that the World Summit on the Information Society demanded the UN General Assembly declared May 17 as World Information Society Day (WISD). In March of 2006, The UN General Assembly resolved that WISD was right to be observed every year on the 17th of May. In 2006 the ITU at a Plenipotentiary Conference in Turkey’s Antalya chose to merge the two celebrations under the name of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.

The day is observed in order to increase awareness of the potential that the internet could offer in bridging the gaps between the economy and society as well as the digital divide. The celebration is a means of increasing understanding of the benefits of effects of communication technology that is available to everyone in the world.

The celebration also seeks to make information and communications easy for those living in rural and remote regions around the world.

This day also highlights how important communication is in our daily lives via various technological means. In times of crisis, the technologies created by scientists aid the authorities to spread messages and official communications.

World Telecommunication and Information society day Quotes and wishes:- 

Telecommunications and information technology have advanced the whole world much beyond the expectations of the common people.


Telecommunications and information technology have made our lives a hundred times easier, though not necessarily happier.


Streams wish everyone a happy World  Telecommunication and Information Society Day.


In today’s world, a day without the internet feels like a day in the stone age.


We are so addicted to technology and the Internet that we often forget that the real world is outside all of this.


Telecommunication has a major influence on the communication system in various organizations and among various organizations.


The advancement in technology needs to have a very well-developed foundation which is provided by the telecommunication networks.


Let us all appreciate technology and telecommunication networks and hope that everyone gets access to the benefits of technology and the internet.


As we celebrate world telecommunication and information society day, we must not forget to thank the engineers who work hard in this industry.


As people talk, text, and browse, telecommunication networks are capturing urban flows in real-time and crystallizing them as Googles traffic congestion maps.


This is the digital age and we cannot imagine a day without gadgets, let alone imagining how life would have been without the evolution of telecommunications.


A letter took days to reach the destination back in the day and now thanks to telecommunication and technology we are always connected with everyone across the globe.


The old world had minimum technology and more personal interaction and now it’s the opposite. The best situation is a balance of both worlds.