World Television day 2022- History, Quotes, Wishes and more

World Television day every year celebrate on 21 November. The United Nations declared 21 November 1996 World Television Day to commemorate 1996’s first World Television Forum.

11 people abstained from voting on the resolution to oppose this declaration. The delegation from Germany stated their disagreement.

Three United Nations days already cover similar topics: World Press Freedom Day, World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, and World Development Information Day. It doesn’t make sense to add another day. Television is one medium of information, and an information medium to which a significant majority of the world’s population does not have access. The vast majority of them could easily see World Television Day as a day for the rich. They don’t have a television. Radio is one of the most important information media. It is important to increase the role of these media more than television.

World Television day Quotes and wishes:-

Television is the only medium of education for many people, especially for those who are not going to any educational institutions. Happy World Television Day.


Not a day goes by that we do not watch television and we cannot imagine our lives without it. World Television Day.


Thanks to the television, we can watch the news and see what is going on in different parts of the world. Happy World Television Day.


One of the reasons I do not travel much is because television is not portable and I cannot carry it everywhere I go. Happy World Television Day.


The television actually opens up the entire world of entertainment and education at the pressing of one button on the remote. World Television Day.


The television is now more of a necessity than a luxury that it used to be in its early days and almost all of the houses have it. Happy World Television Day.